Mark and Simon tell students what they do…

Students on the MSc International Marketing programme got a glimpse in to their potential futures with a little help from BPP’s marketing team.

As part of the programme, students have to prepare a piece of coursework. This revolves around a scenario for a communications executive who has to oversee trend analysis, campaign planning and ethical considerations as part of an overall delivery for a communications campaign.

Other elements that they need to consider include defining a success criteria, target audience and effectiveness of a campaign.

As some of the potential solutions are in online and offline sectors, this was an opportunity for students to discuss the real-world intricacies of working on marketing campaigns with incumbent members of BPP’s marketing department.

Mark Spencer-Ellis and Simon Rome took students through the realities of managing live campaigns. As a Marketing Production Manager and Performance Media Manager respectively, Mark and Simon’s participation was well received by students on the course:

“It was inspirational to hear about Mark and Simon’s job roles, and really made me excited about my forthcoming career in Marketing!”

“It was great to gain an insight into the practicalities of the speakers’ job roles, and get some practical ideas about tools and techniques that we may include in our summative assessments.”

The guys also discussed the respective career paths and behaviours that complement their roles within the industry. With current work involving targeting and support for overseas territories, students on the International Marketing programme gained a precious insight in to what global marketing campaigns truly require.


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