In Profile with Sarah McIlroy, Director of Programmes (Accountancy and Finance)

Sarah McIlroy, Director of Programmes (Accountancy and Finance), talks about her time at BPP University.

How long have you been at BPP University?:

I started working for BPP University in 1997 as a tutor on ACCA and CIMA programmes. I am now Director of Programmes (Accountancy and Finance) which includes the new Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance and the MSc Accounting and Finance programmes.

What is your background and experience before coming to BPP University?

Before joining BPP University I studied Modern Language at Leeds University. I started work with a medium sized audit firm in London and after a year transferred to a multi-national organisation where I had the opportunity to undertake placements in France and the USA. I completed my CIMA qualification as part of the graduate training scheme there. On completing my final CIMA exams I moved to Reuters (news agency) and worked as a management accountant for 2 years.

I decided that I had a great passion for teaching so took a year out to take a teaching qualification at Oxford University and then spent 2 years teaching French, Italian and Business Studies to GCSE and A’Level students. A chance meeting with a colleague recommended that I apply to BPP University and therefore I found a way of bringing together both of my career paths.

How has your experience assisted you with your position at BPP University?

Having an accounting qualification provided an entry route into teaching at BPP University, and having worked in industry and education I found that I had many skills I could use. I was the first accountancy tutor with a formal teaching qualification in BPP University.

What do you enjoy most about your role at BPP University?

Meeting students and helping them to realise their goals

If you could give one piece of advice to students what would it be?

If there is no good reason for saying no, say yes to all opportunities – you don’t know where they might lead – you can’t regret the things you do, only the things you don’t.

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