Avoiding The Traps

Sally Chapman offers some top tips on passing the Advanced Taxation paper As BPP’s P6 Advanced Taxation subject matter expert I can’t actually sit your exam for you, but I can offer you my top tips for ensuring your success. Strong assumed knowledge Sadly, many students’ assumed F6 knowledge is simply not good enough. Perhaps more

Answer weaknesses – find out how to fix them!

Examiners will often feedback the same points after every exam sitting on what students have done wrong – we have collated some of the most common answer weaknesses and given you some advice on how to overcome them. more

ACCA Exam retakes – You never plan to fail an exam… But what if it actually happens?

Need to do some ACCA retakes? Failing one of your professional exams can feel like the end of the world, but is it really that bad? And more importantly... what do you do now? Firstly, failing an exam doesn't make you a failure. Professional exams are designed to test you and as I tell my students if they were easy we wouldn't get paid so much for being a qualified accountant! The other thing I tell my students is that I failed an exam too. Yes, I failed a professional accounting exam when I was a student. And yet I still qualified (completing all my exams within two years while working full time), had a successful accountancy career and I am now am Head of ACCA Programmes at BPP Professional Education - not bad eh? How did I do it? Well I learnt from what went wrong, and used that knowledge to become better. The most important thing is to learn from the experience. I want to show you how you can do that too. more

Meet the tutor – Lottie Roberts

Name: Lottie Roberts BPP Location: BPP Reading How long have you been with BPP? 11 years – eek What did you do before you came to BPP? Worked at PwC in audit more

Meet the tutor – Charlotte Partington

Name: Charlotte Partington BPP Location: Manchester How long have you been with BPP? 7 years – I started in  Birmingham before a move to Manchester 2.5 years ago. What did you do before you came to BPP? Internal Audit and then Management Accountant for Cadbury Schweppes Why did you choose a career in Accountancy? Because more

Meet the tutor – Chris Burnell

Name: Chris Burnell BPP Location: London – Procter House How long have you been with BPP? 18 months What did you do before you came to BPP? Corporate tax consultant, working mainly in compliance and reporting, in both practice and in industry Why did you choose a career in Accountancy? One word I think, opportunity. more

Thoughts from one of our ACCA prizewinners (June 2013) Steve Jackson

I work for a Big 4 firm and some of my colleagues at the time studied with BPP and recommended it. I wouldn’t have studied anywhere else, the quality of teaching, exam focus and support is superb… more

What a tutor can learn from a student… Putting into practice what you preach

As an exam expert, I often advise students on how to be successful in their exams. Well now I need to take some of my own medicine… more

Accountants ‘more trusted’ than banks?

A survey conducted by Sage Omnibus states that accountants are ‘more trusted’ than banks, but why are accountants deemed to be so trustworthy? more

Meet our tutors!!

I trained in Practice (starting as an Auditor!) for Mazars LLP at their Brighton Office having come from Royal Holloway University where I studied Financial and Business Economics. I studied while working full time, but was lucky enough to have a training contract where my firm paid for me to go to College and take my exams. After a few years in Audit, I moved to Corporate Finance which was great, but still didn’t feel right. Having got involved in the Graduate Training Scheme at my firm, I realised I would love to do that all of the time, but couldn’t quite work out how… more

Get Started on your ACCA qualification for FREE with BPP

Choosing to start studying to become a Qualified Accountant is a great decision that will open lots of doors and opportunities to you. BPP, the world’s only double ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner, wants to support you with this decision from day one. more

How to Pass F4

From the perspective of someone who has taught F4 paper, and its predecessor papers for 12 years, the 2 main reasons why students don’t pass this paper can be summarised as: Lack of knowledge An inability to apply knowledge to questions more

The route to qualification………….

The route to qualification can seem long and hard… with ACCA you have 10 years to complete your exams, but how long does it really take? The ACCA say that the length of time it takes to complete the qualification depends on what qualifications you already have and what exemptions you are entitled to, with a ten year limit from the date of registration for you to complete the exam component of membership. But how long do most people take? more

Learning successfully

Some people are lucky enough to look at something once and then remember it forever. It’s called ‘Perfect Recall’. However, for most of us learning successfully isn’t quite that simple. And you can also be assured that for your ACCA exams, it isn’t just a case of learning the facts, you need to understand the topics in order to pass the exams. So even those with perfect recall might need a little help… more

ACCA Exam Tips June 2013 – all papers

Get the full range of ACCA Exam Tips June 2013. The papers covered include F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 and P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7. more

Coping with exam stress

Your accountancy exams can be a stressful time, but if you can try to manage your stress you are not only more likely to perform better on the day, but also get through the whole experience in better shape. more

Making the most of your last weeks (and days) before your exam…

You feel that you’re running out of time… what should you be doing to make the most of the time you have left before your exam? Well firstly don’t panic! Easy for us to say, but honestly there are always things you can do which will help your chances of passing. more

When is a film not a film?

The 1969 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay was awarded to Mel Brooks for his script about a Broadway producer and his accountant who attempted to defraud their investors by staging a play so offensive that it would close within a week, allowing the aforementioned producers to pocket the remainder of the budget. “The Producers” is an outrageous example of a fake production staged under false pretences – surely this could not happen in real life could it? more

ACCA Exam Tips 2012 – One week to go [VIDEO]

ACCA Exam Tips 2012 - Two weeks to go: It's now December and the 2012 ACCA exams are approaching. Are you feeling confident? more

ACCA Exam Tips 2012 – Two weeks to go [VIDEO]

It's now late November and the exams are fast approaching. Are you doing everything possible to ensure you're fully prepared? Start with creating a study plan (you can download our free template from the ACCA exam surgery), become familiar with the exam format and aim for good coverage of the syllabus. more