JIEB 2018 and onwards…

Well here we are, coming up to 6 months since the new Insolvency rules landed. We hope you are getting to grips with the new dawn so to speak. Looking at more changes, the JIEB have this year also announced that the 2018 exams will return to the 2 paper format – one corporate paper and one personal insolvency paper. Some of you reading this will not remember but in the early 90s, there were only 2 papers for JIEB before they changed to 3!

The exam will also become computer based, so we say goodbye to the handwritten exam format and the need for neat handwriting! Some of you will be relieved by that alone. Each exam will however have a case study and the mark allocation will be amended to reflect the value of the case study. Here at BPP we have been teaching JIEB students since the exams began. We have already geared up for the 2018 exams, have dedicated computer assessment rooms for all our JIEB delegates as well as our team of JIEB tutors who have more experience of teaching JIEB than anyone in this game.

We have successfully taught many JIEB students and are proud of achieving every top 3 JIEB prizewinner for the last 10 years. We have the highest pass rates in the industry and are dedicated to your success. We are so confident in our programme, we offer a lifetime pass assurance scheme.* So if you or any of your colleagues are thinking of sitting JIEB, please do not hesitate to contact us via insolvency@bpp.com or 0330 060 3510.

Finally, for more information please watch our free webinar on The Changing Face of Insolvency.

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