i3BAR – Integrated, Interactive & Intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics & Reporting

Reduce routine reporting time from days to minutes

i3BAR is a best practice approach to building Excel models.  One of the key benefits of this method, that has made it so successful over ten years and with regular courses across Europe, North America and Asia – is the ability to save significant time and effort in routine reporting.  Rather than repeatedly starting from raw data and transforming it into monthly reports, i3BAR teaches how to build ‘data bridges’ to automate the transformation of raw data sources into suitable ‘data empire tables’ that are used for later analysis and reporting.  Once learned and built, this technique can reduce routine reporting time from days to minutes.

Learn how to solve reporting and analysis problems not more functions

i3BAR is a best practice method for building reports and analysis in Excel, it teaches participants key principles and approaches using a small number of formulae in powerful combinations.  The course takes participants through two cases – building a reporting model (with interactive charts and auto data update) from scratch (just the raw data) and also creating a simulation model for budgeting and analysis.  Once learnt the techniques can be applied to building any model the user wants to – participants are not learning to just use/ adapt a given template and they are not learning Excel functions just for the sake of learning Excel.

Create interactive models for users or to present and answer questions in real time

The course teaches a five step process for building interactive models using buttons/ sliders/ selection boxes etc to change reports, charts and sensitivities.  Together with a robust approach to model structure and protection (with clean application like styling) this results in models that can be safely given to users to do their own investigation, analysis/ modelling safely within the interactivity built for them.

It also enables presentation direct from the model and answering scenario/ what if questions in real time discussions/ workshops which can be a fast and efficient way to present and run workshops rather than pasting into a slide presentation.

Models that are maintainable, reliable and scalable

i3BAR has a strong structure, separating data, logic and presentation.  Because the rules and approaches to building each of these and the techniques used are simple and standardised (but flexible) even sophisticated models have a straightforward structure and clarity to someone who knows the method.  Hence models are no longer tied to the person who created them and can be modified and grow in a scalable and reliable way.  In particular – once the automation of bridging raw data into the data empire is built and the reports created, then the model can update a 100 reports automatically as easily and nearly as quickly as it can for 10.

i3BAR uses standard Microsoft Excel, no additional software, add-ins or licences are required.

Learning objectives

  • Integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel
  • Build reliable and sustainable excel-based reporting models
  • Construct interactive models for decision making
  • Create scenarios and what-if analysis for budget
  • Produce visually attractive and impactful reports

 Recognition and career development

Thousands of accountants worldwide have been trained in i3BAR worldwide and used it to free up significant time from routine reporting to carry out better analysis and more value added work.  Many corporates have seen the value in the training and made it a standard course for their finance and sometimes wider business teams.  Participants have built models that have transformed their businesses and their careers – you can too.

Videos and testimonials are available on: www.transformationanalytics.com

Article written by Simon Lindley of Transformation Analytics.

For a further look at BPP’s i3BAR course, please click here. Or for more information, please get in touch via: qualifyingcentre@bpp.com

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