Behind the curtain of Finance Business Partnering

On Wednesday 23rd May, BPP Professional  Development are hosting a free webinar on the role of Finance Business Partnering, presented by Roy Chambers.

This one hour session will help attendees understand why it is important to take their business partnering skills to a new level and provide their business with insightful information which supports the strategic and commercial growth of their organisation.

The concept of Finance Managers acting as Business Partners is not new but the need to take that partnership to a new level and avoid Finance functions losing their relevance has never been greater. Finance managers should play a key role  in leading, challenging and supporting strategic decision making on price, expansion and acquisition.

Meanwhile, they are under increasing pressure to adapt and respond to the challenges to achieve growth in uncertainty whilst holding down costs and surfing a tidal wave of technological advances. In order to do this there is a greater demand for them to have more than just technical skills.

Succeed in responding to the challenges and you can lead the business to better performance fail and you can become less relevant. Developing a successful business partnership role makes best use of your skills and is inspiring for you and value adding to your business colleagues.

There are many ways to enrich your partnership. You can build the content of your offer bringing more commercially relevant tools; build your relationships and personal style to encompass greater challenge and influence; or build your business understanding. The future scope of work for finance managers may be totally different from the current scope and perhaps you will take the opportunities offered by digital, by sustainability or by building business resilience in times of increasing uncertainty.

To join us for this free webinar take your partner role to a new level, please register here:

For a further look at BPP’s Business & Finance portfolio including Business Partnering courses such as Enhance Your Finance Business Partner Skills and Transforming Finance Professionals into Business Partners please click here. Or for more information, please get in touch via:

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