Business Partnering for Lawyers

On June 22nd, BPP hosted an incredible panel of experts via a live webinar event discussing the topic of Business Partnering for Lawyers. The panel consisted of subject matter experts John Trimbos and David Bittiner, alongside Alison Wells, BPP’s current HR and Legal Director.

The 60 minute session provided many interesting talking points and debates, which emphasized why Business Partnering skills are becoming increasingly important for any modern day Lawyers armoury. For those who missed the event please find the recording here to gain further insight in this fast growing topic.

You can also find our excellent short guide here with further information on BPP’s current offering surrounding the concept of Lawyers becoming Business Partners.

Finally, if you are interested in any courses in this area, including our new Business Partnering Skills for Lawyers course, or would like a more in depth overview of what each course consists of, you can click here to learn more or get in touch via:

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