Amidst time pressures, how Online CPD can help you maintain your competitive edge

Has your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) become a tick box exercise, where you are frantically trying to cram training towards the end of the year, to meet CPD requirements? For many professionals, CPD is seen in the context of compliance. But let’s just stand back and consider the importance of CPD for a working professional in a dynamically changing environment.

Do you regularly feel time pressured? Moving from one deadline to another, trying to balance varying demands. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. These are common challenges facing the modern working professional. We all appreciate the importance of CPD, but with a mountain of responsibilities, this frequently becomes forgotten. Now that work, mobile phones and laptops are at our fingertips the traditional working pattern has undergone a cultural change. We, our customers and our colleagues expect immediate responses more than ever.

With ever growing competition for the next career move, there is even greater significance on personal development.  All of this presents a very pertinent question. How do you become better organised with your CPD to add personal value and keep up-to-date and maintain that competitive edge, whilst confronting the time constraints of today?

How online CPD can help?

Online CPD gives you back control by offering greater flexibility. Online CPD is delivered in smaller digestible chunks, usually 1-3 hours allowing better absorption with less disruption to your work calendar. No time is lost travelling to and from a training location, improving efficiency and giving back some valuable time, whilst maintaining the development benefits.

How does this offer value for money? By offering you a choice of delivery methods; live online or pre-recorded, training can be tailored to suit your learning style and pace. Content is available for longer periods and can be revisited often during this period. There is a vast library of content available, catering for all areas and requirements; the BPP catalogue has more than 150 courses, offering accounting, law and a number of personal development options. This is particularly relevant when matching CPD courses to job competencies or meeting the CPD demands of your profession.  Mixing and matching individual modules enables you to tailor your training to your development objectives.

How do I get the most out of online CPD?

There are a vast number of options when investing in online CPD, here are 5 top tips to make better choices for your CPD.

Pre-recorded courses are typically either delivered as a readable open book format or animated graphics with either a video or voice over. Voice over presentations and videos make your learning experience as interactive as possible; offering maximum flexibility by allowing learning to take place in your own time and in bite-sized chunks.

Courses are sold as predefined packs – courses pre-selected and bundled to meet key learning objectives or pick and mix packs – giving flexibility to mix and choose any combination of courses from the catalogue. The 5, 10 or 20 pick and mix packs, enable your CPD requirements to be specifically tailored to areas that are most relevant and offer value. There is even a Full course pack (with over 150 courses) to offer total flexibility and greater value.

Live online classroom courses broadcast a live video feed with presentations. This option is becoming increasingly popular, providing a highly interactive experience (through use of polls, chat, status updates and breakout groups) truly mirroring interactive face to face CPD sessions with the added benefit of comfort and flexibility of location.

  • Tip 2 – Choose the most appropriate delivery method 

Now you understand the difference, which one should you choose?  Consider using both and creating a blended learning solution. The advantages of one delivery method will be more relevant for some courses or requirements. For example, if interactivity and discussing specific examples is critical, online classroom live would be the best option whereas pre-recorded will better suited for general update type courses e.g. tax or data protection.

  • Tip 3 – Check for Device compatibility

Whether you use a laptop, tablet or mobile, online content device compatibility is an important factor.  Our content is fully mobile compatible with iOS and Android.

There are a number of platforms and methods used to deliver online CPD. Search for demonstration videos or course samples on the provider’s website to ensure it suits your learning style.

  • Tip 5 – Check the duration of course access

Content access ranges from 3 to 12 months. BPP standard is 12 months, we believe in the importance of providing resources for a complete CPD year, allowing you to recap whenever you like.

BPP is a leading provider of online CPD. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding learning experience by offering a range of flexible products that allow you to make the right CPD choices and achieve a new level of excellence. Online CPD is one more way of ensuring you maintain your competitive advantage in an ever changing world.

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