BPP @ ICAS Insolvency Conference

BPP were delighted to attend the ICAS Insolvency Conference on November 14-15th at Gleneagles. As the chosen training partner for ICAS, we are providing both CPI and JIEB training for 2018 in Scotland as well as England & Wales. At the conference, we demonstrated the online classroom platform and in 2018 we are combining our Scottish and England & Wales JIEB training so students can take advantage of our award winning online platform as well as have access to a wider resource pool which will provide more support on key areas of the wider syllabus.

Areas of interest at the conference included Professor Trevor Williams looking at the prospects for the UK economy in the short- to medium-term, post Brexit. Brexit will be a continuing theme for IPs and there will always be people affected by debt. Lee Hewlett, Deputy Head of the Insolvency Service’s Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Section advised us that due to the on-going review of the Scottish Corporate Insolvency rules these are not anticipated to be released until July 2018 at the earliest.

Here at BPP we are anticipating these will still form part of the JIEB 2018 exams and as such we are combining the common modules for both Scottish and English students undertaking the exams in 2018.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via insolvency@bpp.com or 0330 060 3510.

Finally, for more information please watch our free webinar on The Changing Face of Insolvency.

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