The digital age – changing the face of education

As educators, the digital age presents us with both challenges and opportunities in the way we teach our students.  ‘Generation Y’ have grown up surrounded by technological innovation, which has shaped the manner in which they interact and absorb information.

However, most Universities do not currently possess the necessary IT infrastructure to deliver a fully digital learning experience through computer based classrooms, and the myriad of portal devices makes it difficult to find a consistent method of delivering content direct to learners. It is also questionable whether this is what is required, or whether a ‘blended learning’ approach is more appropriate, which embraces both traditional and contemporary methods.

The important thing is that we find the most effective ways to utilise the new digital resources at our disposal, not for the sake of using technology, but with a view to creating the best learning experience for today’s students.

At BPP we are currently conducting some research into the ways Universities are using digital resources to support your students, and your plans for developing this in the future. We are keen to receive your thoughts on this, and to also understand how we may be able to support you on this journey.

We will be entering into a period of consultation between 21 May – 20 June 2014 with UK Universities, after which time we will publish our findings and share these with you.  We appreciate how many demands you have on your time, so have limited our survey to 7 short questions.  All participants will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 restaurant vouchers, which will be presented after 20 June 2014.

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