Your legal CV

Vacation schemes, training contracts and pupillage applications may see a long way off but now is the perfect time to start getting your CV in order. Kate Bassett, Head of Careers at BPP University in Leeds, gives us her 5 basics on how to write a great legal CV.

  1. Sell Yourself

Your CV should be a snap shot of you on paper. The employer should be able to gain a good idea of your potential as a candidate for the role. It’s your chance to sell yourself.

  1. Make an Impact

This should be presented in a consistent and easy to read format over a maximum of two sides of A4.  Make sure you include evidence and examples of your relevant skills, your ability to meet the job description, undertake the key responsibilities of the role, match the organisation’s values and culture and be seen to be a good fit on paper.

  1. Explain – Don’t leave the employer guessing

Provide reasons for any gaps in your chronology and any equivalent qualifications. Tell the truth and avoid exaggerating experiences.

  1. Make Every Section Count
  • Education – include modules or high grades where relevant
  • Legal, other work experience and employment – Avoid lists, cross check the job description and include skills and examples where you can provide the strongest evidence against each of your experiences
  • Achievements, Positions of Responsibility, Skills and Interests – Showcase your additional successes and activities. This will give the employer an insight into your character, personality and motivation.
  1. Accuracy Check

Cross check your CV against the job specification and for any grammatical or spelling errors. Ask someone else to proof read your CV as a recruiter would, see if they can pick out your key skills and would it grab their attention as an interesting read.

Remember you have access to our Careers Service as soon as you accept your place so if you are a current student or starting soon why not book an appointment with one of our expert Careers Consultants to review your CV. To contact your centre’s Careers Service please see your VLE for details.

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