Pro Bono Centre – BPP Legal Advice Clinic

GDL student and BPP Legal Advice Clinic (BLAC) Student Director Max Pickup discusses his role at the BLAC and how it has helped his legal development.

“I am currently one of the Student Directors at the BPP Legal Advice Clinic, which provides free legal advice to the local community on housing and family law issues. The position has nicely complemented my legal studies by allowing me to experience work in a legal environment. During this experience I organise the rotas for the student assistants and assist in recruiting new assistants for the clinic. In the next few weeks I will begin arranging client appointments as well. I also act as a student assistant for the clinic. During this role I interview clients over the telephone and complete detailed and accurate client information sheets. I also provide administrative support and greet clients during the clinic hours.

Whilst volunteering at the clinic I have developed various skills. The experience has vastly improved my interviewing and analytical skills, which are essential for any budding lawyer. I have also grown to understand the challenges that people face when dealing with the legal system, which has enabled me to empathise easily with clients. Whilst at this post I also developed my organisational and communication skills, which have helped to improve my CV.

Finally, the experience has been highly satisfactory. It has allowed me to make a significant contribution towards a project that helps provide free legal advice to many people in the London area. Pro bono services have become increasingly important due to the increased cuts in legal aid. Therefore, without the services of the clinic many of our clients would not have access to such advice and so I am proud to have volunteered for such a worthwhile cause.”

Find more information about BLAC please visit our Pro Bono page

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