Inspirational Lucy stars in Boots’ festive feel-good Christmas advert

That’s exactly the case for BPP University Law School student, Lucy Masoud, who will be working the night shift as a London firefighter on December 25th as well as volunteering in a soup kitchen to help the homeless.

Selfless Lucy’s inspiring story was picked up by high street chemist Boots who asked her to star in their festive, feel-good television advert for 2016 which celebrates 45 inspirational women working for the emergency services at Christmas.

The special advert, called ‘The Gift of Beauty’, sees heroic Lucy enjoying an early Christmas present of a makeover from Boots’ team of beauty advisors, a glamourous party and a video of friends and family saying how extraordinary a person she is.

“Seeing my friends in the video was a bit odd! But it was nice to hear them say the things they did. My girlfriend was also interviewed and it was really sweet to hear her say such nice things,” said the 38-year-old from Balham.

“In fact, now whenever I’m trying to win an argument with my girlfriend, I just remind her that she said I was ‘amazing’ in the advert and therefore she should concede and admit I’m always right!”

Lucy, who has worked during Christmas for the past nine years, added: “When it first went out on television, I had hundreds of messages, my phone just went manic which was overwhelming and to hear that I was one of three main women featured in the advert was a big surprise.”

And whilst a full-time firefighter in Chelsea, Libya-born Lucy volunteers as a protective presence in Palestine, has previously worked as a political researcher for a government minister, achieved a post-graduate degree in newspaper journalism and is now currently studying the BPTC with BPP University Law School in Holborn.

On her law aspirations, the South Londoner added: “Ideally I would love to graduate and gain a pupillage at a respected chambers.

“I’m interested in family law and criminal law so any opportunity to practice in those areas would be wonderful.

“People tend to be surprised when they find out that I’m a firefighter and that I’m training to be a barrister as it’s not an obvious choice. But actually I think the skills I’ve learned as a firefighter, such as dealing with stressful situations and being able to make split-second decisions, will very much help make me a good barrister.”


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