GDL View – Kate Allen

GDL student, Kate Allen, tells us about why she is undertaking the programme and what she is looking forward to the most

“With just days to go before the start of term and beginning the GDL with BPP in Bristol and leaving my current career as a freelance journalist behind is both a daunting and liberating feeling.

By the time I graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in English Literature I had already started writing professionally and secured myself a job before taking my final exams, so post-graduate study, let alone a completely different educational discipline, didn’t even register on my radar. But three years later I realised that I missed learning and wanted a new challenge.

It seemed like a good omen recently that within the same week that I finally decided to recycle a ten year archive of NMEs, I also took delivery of my GDL study materials, so here’s to hoping I’ve made the right decision…

I decided to take the GDL for two key reasons:

  • I grew tired of doing a job that no one actually needed me to do and knew I wanted to pursue a whole new career that could offer me a long-term future and meaning. As far as I can see, the law will always be there and people will always fall foul of it. That’s where we come in, fellow GDL 2015 students!
  • Having decided on law, I sought the advice of people I know already working in the field. Solicitors, barristers and senior directors alike all studied with BPP and had nothing but praise for the course. Seeing the success of all these people in different areas of the law and business world gave me the final push to submit my application.

What I am looking forward to most about the GDL is returning to education once again but for a fresh new start. Yes, I am quietly apprehensive about approaching a subject I have absolutely no prior experience in, but I’m hopeful that transferable skills from my degree and job alike will help me through. Solid research skills, a high tolerance for extensive periods of reading, and good writing and communication skills should all *fingers crossed* help me on my way.

As I intend to pursue media and entertainment law after the GDL, I am most looking forward to studying contract law and having the option to take a specialist module in intellectual property law. The freedom GDL students have when it comes to their independent research essays is another part of the course I think will be hugely beneficial as I can tailor it to the area of law that I interests me most. These study options alongside the other compulsory modules, and BPP’s career service I hope will put me in a strong position to gain work experience and move me towards a promising new career.

Aspects of the course I am most nervous about? Let’s just say I have been forewarned by BPP alumni about land law… I’m also rather shy so to anyone reading this that is attending the induction sessions in Bristol next week, please say “Hi”!”


If you are interested in finding out more about the GDL why not visit our GDL programme page. Alternatively why not arrange a 1-2-1 with a GDL tutors to discuss the programme, BPP University Law School and your future in law.

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