BPP University Law School stages successful Advocate of the Year competition

BPP University Law School stages successful Advocate of the Year competition

University of Bristol Law student Lucy Bennett has been crowned the winner of BPP University Law School’s first ever Advocate of the Year contest.

Nearly 90 UK undergraduate law students, who have an interest in studying the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), took part in a series of mock trials over the two-day national competition.

And Lucy’s top of the class performance saw her achieve 75 marks out of 80 overall. She won a course fee discount of £6,500.

University of Leeds’ School of Law student, Jazmine Lee, finished second on 74 as London Open University’s Joseph Johnson claimed third with 70 marks.

Teams were also ranked on their overall performances, with an ‘open’ team made up of Oxford graduates coming top, ahead of Cambridge, Leeds and Reading respectively.

Individual winner, Lucy, said: “The competition was unlike mooting or anything I have ever done before, with the emphasis being on the realities of life at the Bar.

“After each trial, we received great feedback from the judges and with performing so many times in quick succession, it meant we improved massively over the course of the competition.

“I had a great weekend and would recommend the competition to any aspiring barrister.”

James Welsh, Director of BPP University Law School BPTC Programmes, was delighted with the calibre of competitors.

He said: “We provided basic online training for the essential key courtroom skills and we are delighted to see how quickly so many competitors grew into credible trial advocates.

“We really hoped that students would enjoy ‘nuts and bolts’ cases and understand that every case, no matter how small, was still important to those involved.”

Students were judged on how they dealt with client conferences and various advocacy roles during short, realistic trials acted out by a combination of actors and role-players from the Synergy Theatre Project, who are predominantly former prisoners.

Esther Baker from Synergy Theatre project added: “Synergy was delighted to work once again with BPP University Law School, sending 12 ex-prisoner role-play actors to five cities to create an authentic experience for those taking part in the BPP University Law School Advocate of the Year competition.

“The ex-prisoners found the experience both extremely valuable and engaging and an opportunity to use their past, negative experiences towards a positive outcome. We very much look forward to working in partnership on future initiatives.”

To see the Advocate of the Year results, visit HERE

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