Aspirational Arsalan embraces ‘youngest lawyer in Pakistan’ label

At 20-years-old, the only thing stopping Arsalan Chaudhry from being a fully-fledged lawyer is Pakistan’s Bar License age restriction of 21.

Arsalan isn’t fazed by being the youngest law graduate of Pakistan who is in full-time employment with a corporate law firm in his homeland.

In fact, the Islamabad trainee believes he is getting the best training possible and his age works in his favour.

Working his way up the corporate ladder, Arsalan takes great pride in helping with client meetings as well as aiding the research of cases. He also prepares drafts for his peers and occasionally assists his seniors to the High Court in Islamabad and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Some of his colleagues include a senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and a former Additional Advocate General.

“I am proud to be the youngest and I do embrace it. It’s not intimidating, I enjoy the challenge,” said Arsalan, who says he is speaking to Pakistan’s Bar Council to see if the country’s age restriction can be changed.

“There are times when I have encountered issues regarding my experience. I like to think that experience comes with time.

“What matters to me is that colleagues and my boss really appreciates the work I do and the effort I have put in to achieve my goals at such a young age.”

Arsalan knew as a youngster his dream career was in law – so much so that his passion led him to the UK as a teenager, leaving family and friends behind for two years to live in London and complete his LLB with BPP University Law School, Waterloo.

He is preparing to return to England again this September to take up the Bar Professional Training Course with the same university.

“Initially, it was really hard leaving Pakistan because I was leaving my home, family and friends and I was entering a new phase of life,” said Arsalan.

“I had a lot of things going on in my mind because it’s very different visiting somewhere for a holiday and living there.

“But London was very accommodating. Now it’s my second home.

“My family were very supportive and glad that I was travelling to one of the top universities in England to get the very best legal education.”

Arsalan, who also has a passion for criminal and business law, plans to practice corporate law in Pakistan and set up a civil organisation of his own to offer free, quality education to the less privileged.

He added: “I have always believed in providing service to the people and, by becoming a lawyer, it will allow me to do that.”





Hayley Paterson

Press Secretary



Notes to editors

BPP University ( is one of the UK’s leading Universities dedicated to business and the professions. BPP University is a UK degree awarding body providing its own awards through four schools: BPP Law School, BPP Business School, BPP School of Health and BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies. BPP University also offers some programmes of study leading to the awards of other bodies.


BPP University has centres throughout the UK and was awarded the 2010 prestigious Education Investor award for “Post 16 education provider of the year”.

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