BPP University Law School search for UK’s most talented advocates

BPP University Law School is to launch a nationwide competition to discover the next top trial advocates – with a scholarship up for grabs.

Our first ever ‘Advocate of the Year’ competition will be aimed at those considering a profession as a barrister – and nearly 100 aspiring Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students are expected to take part.

The competition will challenge students to take on client conferences and advocacy roles during short, realistic trials acted out by a combination of actors and role-players from the Synergy Theatre Project.

Students who particularly impress, could also win a BPP University Law School scholarship and bursary funding.

James Welsh, Director of BPP University Law School BPTC Programmes, said: “We are keen to give those considering coming to the Bar the chance to practice their skills in the sort of work that junior barristers do.

“There is such a huge appetite to moot but that form of advocacy is actually quite rare in practice. This competition will focus much more on everyday cases and test a wider range of practical skills.

“It’s a chance for students to take on life-like cases and have a ‘taster’ for what the BPTC entails which could help them in their career choices.”

BPP University Law School staff will judge the competition, using BPTC assessment criteria to ensure consistent standards of judging across the centres.

Entry for the event is free, and will take place from November 26th – 27th.

BPP University Law School has teamed up with TARGETjobs Law, Synergy Theatre Project and the UK Law Students’ Association for this event.


We will welcome 22 teams to compete. The event will run in five locations nationally – London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. In each location, some universities will be invited to submit teams, and the other teams be composite teams made up of selected individuals from other universities.

The list of invited universities can be found here, along with the contact details of the Law/Bar Society which will be conducting that university’s entry.

If you attend a university which has not been invited to submit a team, then you should apply individually. The task of selecting who will make the composite teams will be carried out by the UKLSA, and you can apply through their website at www.uklsa.co.uk/aoty

For more information, visit: www.bpp.com/aoty

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