10 benefits of joining a student society

Did you know there are over 81 societies at BPP?

Joining a student society at BPP Law School is one of the best things you can do whilst studying Law with us. It not only adds to your life professionally, but it can also enrich your personal life.

Here are just some of the benefits:

1.     Add to your CV :

Joining a student society can have great benefits for your career. By putting this on your CV, you are highlighting to future employers that you are developing particular skills- especially things like organisational skills, leadership skills and teamwork.

2. Meet new people:

Doing a law course can be tough on your social life. So much so, that it is important to make time for yourself and to meet new people. Joining a society where you meet likeminded people is probably the best way to make new friends.

3. Networking opportunities;

You should start your networking early- building relationships for the future is one of the best things you can do to ensure professional success. Student Societies offer you the chance to network, and share ideas with colleagues.

4. Increase your knowledge:

Some of our societies, like The Wine Tasting Appreciation Society, offer you a chance to increase your knowledge in a particular area. It is another string to your bow and something you can use to tell other people you meet.

5. Develop your confidence:

Trying something new like a student society is always a good way to develop your confidence. If we step outside our own comfort zones and try something that we haven’t tried before we usually find that it makes us more confident as a person.

6. Give something back

Joining a society can be a great opportunity to indulge your philanthropic side and to do something for charity. For example the Annual Food and Clothes Drive  (right) is a way we bring business, homelessness and charity together.

7. Improve your fitness

You can increase your fitness and do some exercise as well when you participate in a society. We have a variety of sports societies available including football and running.

8.  Increase your level of commercial awareness

Commercial awareness is an important part of becoming a legal professional. Societies such as the Legal Awareness Society will be able to help you increase your knowledge of the commercial world.

9. Be able to think on your feet

Thinking on your feet is an invaluable skill; and one that is used most often by solicitors and barristers. Societies such as mooting and debating offer you to brush up your skills outside of class.

 10. Have fun!

Finally, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! With all that hard work you’re doing, you deserve some down time. Societies such as Trips Around The Globe and The Arts Society offer you a chance to relax and have fun with fellow students.


You can see our full list of societies by visiting the BPP Students Association website. 

Have a great story to tell about your involvement in a society? Contact us BPPlawschool@bpp.com.

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