In profile with… Sokratis Dinos, Psychology Programme Leader at BPP School of Health

Name: Dr Sokratis Dinos

Job title: Psychology Programme Leader

Study Centre: Waterloo

What is your education background?

University of Surrey, UK; PhD and MSc

City University London, UK; Msc

University of the Aegean, Greece; BSc

What is your professional background?

Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and have worked in the following places:

  • Editorial Board Member and Guest Editor: The Psychiatric Bulletin, Royal College for Psychiatrists (still doing this)
  • Senior Research Fellow: Centre for Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London
  • Senior Research Fellow: Department of Health, UK
  • Visiting lecturer: University of Surrey, UK
  • Quantitative Data Analyst, Policy Research Bureau, UK
  • Research Fellow, University College London, UK

How do you think this experience has assisted your teaching at BPP University?

Having worked as a senior researcher for a number of years and having worked within the Department of Health has strengthened my belief in evidence-based teaching. When you teach a scientific subject like psychology it is vital that your teaching draws from the available scientific evidence as well as the latest developments in a particular field.

If you could give one piece of advice to your students for their future careers, what would it be?

One must keep in mind that a career can only be worthwhile and enjoyable if one really is intrinsically motivated in what they do. This means that one has to question and reflect on their motives about why they want a career and want kind of career they want. From my experience if you have to be genuinely interested in the subject of your studies (as opposed to studying something because someone else told you or because it will make you money) so you find yourself in a career path that is fulfilling.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?

Travelling is excellent for exploring new cultures and observe new behaviours that are not the norm in your culture. Therefore, I would travel anywhere that can teach me how to relate to myself and to the people around me in an accepting and knowing way.

Have you been motivated by an influential figure, if so, who?

I have been motivated by many influential figures. They are too many to mention but I am in constant search for figures in our world that inspire me to reflect on my self and my life. Such figures can be people in the public eye but also people that meet in your every day life.

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