BPP University School of Health launches Paramedic Pathway programme in wake of ‘national shortage’

BPP University School of Health has launched a Higher Education Pathway Certificate to Paramedic Practice programme in the North West to try and help alleviate the national shortage of paramedics. It has been reported that paramedics from abroad are being recruited in a bid to plug the gap which has seen the UK’s profession reach breaking point.

The profession has been recommended for inclusion on the occupational shortage list and the NHS Trust is receiving additional investment for the year, due to the increase in demand. In a bid to aid the national shortage, BPP University School of Health is set to launch its innovative paramedic course in September – which will be the only level three paramedic pathway programme in the North of England.

The course will offer students first-class, hands-on training and also help them to develop practical skills in a real-life state-of-the-art simulation. The main reasons for the shortage have been identified as higher than expected increases in demand for ambulance services resulting a need for additional staff, a recognised shortfall in nationally commissioned higher education places for Paramedics and the increasing opportunities for Paramedics elsewhere in the NHS which is impacting on turnover.

BPP University School of Health is to host an open day to showcase its Higher Education Pathway Certificate to Paramedic Practice programme. It takes place on Friday, July 10, from 12.30pm-2.30pm, at the Emergency Services Training Centre, 2 East Street, Birkenhead, Liverpool.

The open day is an opportunity for anyone considering embarking on a career in Paramedic Practice. The novel Paramedic Pathway programme will be taught from BPP University’s premises at Lord Street, Liverpool, and entails a large element of hands-on training at Emergency Services Training Centre (ESTC).


For more information on the Paramedic Practice course, call 03331 225 689, email admissions@bpp.com or visit bppuniversity.ac.uk/paramedicpathway.

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