Should you go for CFA® level II?

Should you go for CFA® level II?

After making it through Level I and coming out the other side there are always a few doubts. Is the CFA ® really right for me?

This depends on what the question really means.

The CFA ® is not relevant for my job.

Undoubtedly if you are planning a complete career change carrying on would make no sense but what if you are doing a job where the CFA® syllabus is not directly relevant. This is a more difficult question.

As well as having the detailed knowledge of your specialism to be successful it is important that you breadth of knowledge and an understanding of how all the pieces of the financial system fit together. The CFA ®  can bring this knowledge. It is also the only truly global financial services qualification known and respected from Edinburgh to Shanghai.

Level I was too hard and I cannot face it again.

You have completed the hardest step. The level I questions are not the most difficult CFA ® questions you will face but there were a lot of them. Even with relevant earlier studies or work experience just coming to terms with what is expected for the CFA®  is often the hardest part.

You now know the key rules – start early and do lots of question practice – and what is expected of you to pass the exam. If you can keep this up then the complete CFA®  is in your grasp.

As your career progresses the pressures of work and home life will become more complex. The earlier you can complete any qualifications the better. No matter how difficult it seemed this time in ten years time when you think – “I need to finish the CFA ®  to move my career on” it is going to be much tougher.

The CFA ® is a globally recognised qualification and surveys show that having the qualification can have on impact on your earning potential.  For some people Level I will be in the end of the journey but if you are planning a career in financial services and feel the CFA® is possible then the sooner you complete the qualification the easier it will be and the more benefit you will see.



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