Professional Development Courses to compliment your CFA® exams

If you’re working your way through the CFA exams and waiting for you next course to start, you could consider taking some additional courses that compliment your studies, increase your confidence and your all important CV.

BPP Professional Development has courses which;

  • Help you to understand the practical mechanics of the theoretical concepts you study in the CFA—how to put them into action in your daily job
  • Review and reinforcement of key CFA material by looking at it from a practitioner perspective
  • Extend what you are learning for the CFA into new areas such as financial modelling with Microsoft Excel.

We could therefore identify some courses within BPP’s 150 professional development courses for financial services professionals which are most appropriate to these goals.

If you’re new to a financial services career

For those beginning their career in financial services, we suggest our 5 day Accounting, Modelling and Valuation, which presents a comprehensive overview of the skills needed by new entrants in financial services.

We also suggest a number of our introductory courses which are designed to give an overview such as: The City and Financial Markets – an introduction; Introduction to Treasury; and Understanding Foreign Exchange.

Level I CFA candidates

For those pursuing Level I of the CFA we suggest courses including: Valuation Techniques (with valuation modelling). This course reviews the two main ways of valuing companies (Discounted Cash Flow and Comparable multiples) with practical examples.

Accounting and Financial Analysis – Introduction is a comprehensive 3 day introduction to company accounts and their interpretation with a focus on understanding the connection between cash flow and profit & loss.

Other courses cover areas in the Level I syllabus with an emphasis on practical real world examples, such as Introduction to Securitisation; Introduction to Derivatives; Bond Markets- Introduction; Structured Products.

Level II CFA candidates

For those pursuing Level II of the CFA we suggest our more advanced courses including: Bond Markets- Advanced; Introduction to Credit Derivatives; Accounting and Financial Analysis – intermediate; Advanced Equity Valuation. The course Equity Research – Analyse and Present an Investment Case draws together all the key skills of financial and company analysis.

Level III CFA candidates

For those at the Level III stage, we suggest courses including: Behavioural Finance; Advanced Interest Rate Derivatives; Trading in Commodities.

At any level

A number of our courses are suitable for all levels of CFA candidates. In particular our financial modelling course suite, which includes: Financial Modelling- Introduction; Comprehensive Financial Modelling; Advanced Financial Modelling; and Debt Modelling (with LBO).


A number of our courses are suitable for those pursuing the CFA but working within more specialised areas. For example;

Lots to choose from, but in such a competitive environment any additional courses will only help you stand out from the crowd.

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