PCIAM diploma

PCIAM Diploma – Entry requirements

The CISI have introduced entry requirements for the PCIAM Diploma examination. Unless an individual was already FCA approved at the start of this year they will not be allowed to register for the PCIAM Diploma exam unless they first attain the RDR compliance qualification standards e.g. the full Investment Advice Diploma (IAD). This is irrespective of whether the individual is subject to RDR compliance requirements or not; i.e. an individual who isn’t working in retail finance advice but has an interest in the area, will NOT be allowed to take the PCIAM exam until they first pass the IAD or similar Level 4 qualification.

CISI PCIAM Diploma mock exam day – 8th November 2013

Our free of charge PCIAM Diploma mock exam day consists of a full mock exam, undertaken under exam conditions. This will be followed by a tutor debrief to ensure candidates properly understand what was required in the exam and gain maximum learning from the experience. This offers an invaluable experience, and prepares candidates for the actual day of the exam.

CISI PCIAM Diploma revision courses – December 2013 exam

Our PCIAM Diploma revision course is scheduled to run towards the December 2013 exam sittings. We will also be updating our materials for the 2013/14 fiscal year as the December exam is based upon these new tax rates and allowances. This 2 day question-based revision session incorporates key point summaries, exam tips, and most importantly lots of guided question practice. See our website for more information.

The 2 day PCIAM revision Course is very practical, hands-on and question based. You’ll work your way through lots of questions from all three part of the exam (A, B and C) with plenty of guidance, debriefs and direction from your tutor to ensure you are applying all your knowledge to maximise your exam prospects. There is a limited amount of teaching, but this will focus on brief re-caps of key points in preparation for tackling exam style questions, plus explanations of key learning from questions undertaken. Along the way there will be plenty of tips and advice from your tutor on what to look out for in the exam and the best strategy to approaching all three parts of the exam. We believe that the PCIAM Revision course is an essential part of preparing for the exam.

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