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“Ed Balls claims Osborne’s fiscal tightening is crippling the economy; monetary policy alone is insufficient to fuel growth”

“UK banking sector, already reeling from LIBOR fixing, now hit by Swaps mis-selling

“JP Morgan re-estimates its VaR (Value at Risk) in light of credit losses”

“Investors nursing losses as UK Gilts suffer rising bond yields”

“Barclays share placing under investigation ”

“Hedge funds exploiting market volatility via option strategies such as straddles and butterflies”

“Oil futures move from contango to backwardation, as long term supply concerns recede ”

This is a small sample of the financial headlines that have been dominating the media as the financial services industry has an ever increasing influence on our lives. Clearly the language of finance is technical, complex and often confusing, even to those in the industry. Would you like to really understand what is going on? By studying for the IMC you will gain an insight into the concepts behind every one of those headlines, unlocking the secrets of the language of finance.

Most professionals focus on qualifications as a mean to end, i.e. career progression, but the IMC offers more than just enhanced job prospects. It will give you a richer appreciation of possibly the most important discipline in the modern world; benefiting you personally and professionally, as my own experience illustrates.

I started my career in a “back office” support role at a large fund manager, analysing large volumes of data to create reports of fund performance. I didn’t need to really understand the numbers to do my job, but I was frustrated that I didn’t. I studied for my IMC, and it was a bit like focusing a lens; where I previously had a vague blurred image, I could now see a sharp picture of how those numbers explained what our fund managers had been doing. My job become so much more enjoyable as I was now able to interpret what I did, discuss it with the fund managers and help improve the value of the service that I provided. It was this increased insight and interaction with the “front office” fund managers that ultimately lead to my move into the front office to manage money myself.

Many people muddle through their whole career in finance with limited understanding, in the same way you can visit a foreign country and get by without speaking the language. However, how much richer and valuable is your foreign visit if you can speak the lingo? The same applies to finance, except if you’re working in the industry it’s not just a few weeks but your whole lifetime that will be bettered by mastering the language.

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