Hear it from the experts: Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood

Students studying the MSc International Marketing programme at BPP University were able to utilise the knowledge of the experts in the latest assignment for their Advertising module. Mark Spencer-Ellis, Marketing Project Manager for BPP, and Dave Raywood, Head of International Marketing for BPP, both shared their highly experienced advice, giving the students an in-depth insight into the professional sector.

The students were tasked with adopting the role of an advertising agency, pitching for the business of their potential client: JetBlue, an American Airline looking to launch a new weekly flight route from JFK to Havana. In the brief, the students were told that JetBlue’s proposal will take advantage of the relaxed travel restrictions from the U.S. to Cuba, and the company is keen to be the first-mover in the highly competitive market. Havana’s popularity amongst many Americans’ means the project should prove hugely successfully and in light of this, the client has put aside $10 million for the campaign.

As well as discussing their professional background, Mark and Dave took questions from the students on subjects such as what makes a good presentation and how to clients measure a pitch. Their answers were full and detailed, giving the students fantastic advice and guidance in how to deliver their mock pitches. The real-life experience of the speakers really helped to give the students practical advice that will resonate far beyond their coursework!

After the session, students were enthused by the information they received during the talk. When asked whether he is enjoying the MSc International Marketing programme, Sunil Thapa responded “absolutely – not only is it an excellent course but we also benefit enormously from professional guest speakers”.

A huge thank you to Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood for their time, and for sharing their invaluable professional experience with our MSc International Students.

The next quarterly talk given by our professional speakers will take place in October. Look out for updates on our twitter page: BPP University Business School.

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