5 steps to ensure your organisation’s internship programme is a success

Internships are a great way for students to gain experience in the working environment and explore and develop their careers, however they are also considered advantageous to employers. Many organisations hire interns or set up internship programmes but may be thinking ‘what do I do with my intern when they arrive?’ Below are some useful tips for employers to consider to maximise the benefits and ensure the internship is a success for both parties.

  1. Establish responsibilities and objectives: treat the internship opportunity the same as you would for a permanent opportunity. Prepare a job specification of internship duties to ensure both the intern and employer know what is expected from the role. Interns should be given tasks and responsibilities that they can ‘own’, which challenge them and are recognised by the organisation as valuable.
  2. Induction: take the time to give your intern a thorough induction into your organisation and the role, as this will help set them up for the rest of their time with you. Making them aware of your organisations rules, regulations, space and facilities will make the transition simpler. Allowing them to meet with other staff members will also help the intern feel comfortable in the workplace.
  3. Mentor: are you able to commit to mentoring and coaching your intern? Assigning interns to a mentor, supervisor or manager who can closely monitor their activities will help your organisation meet or evaluate the business objectives it hoped to achieve by hiring them initially and their importance to the organisation.
  4. Review and Feedback: have regular catch-ups to follow their progress and provide useful feedback. This allows the interns to measure their success and learn where they are not meeting expectations. Providing regular feedback is invaluable in helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses, address any concerns and discuss areas for improvement and development.
  5. Appreciation or remuneration: showing interns you value them is important, as it will result in more productivity and job satisfaction. Many employers can’t afford to pay a salary, so will find other alternatives to show appreciation; travel expenses, stipends or free lunches. Expressing appreciation in some way will enable them to stay satisfied, motivated and content in their role.

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