Stand out from the competition – apply to become a Student Digital Champion

BPP Learning Centres around the country are recruiting Student Digital Champions with a closing date of Friday 20th October. In this paid role (£150 per semester) you will help to organise training and support that will help your fellow students improve their digital knowledge. Some of our champions are moving on as they graduate, others more

The Streetlaw Project at BPP Law School

Victoria Speed is Joint Director of Pro Bono & CSR at BPP University Law School. She is responsible for BPP Law School’s Pro Bono Centre that facilitates around 30 projects which provide legal advice and education services to the most vulnerable. Law students volunteer to deliver pro bono services under the supervision of qualified solicitors. more

The impact of SRA’s SQE proposals on social welfare lawyering

  Victoria Speed is Joint Director of Pro Bono & CSR at BPP University Law School. She is responsible for BPP Law School’s Pro Bono Centre that facilitates around 30 projects which provide legal advice and education services to the most vulnerable in society. Law students volunteer to deliver the services under the supervision of more

Great Scott: Law goes high tech

This year’s employability week at BPP University was themed around legal tech and offered Legal Practice Course (LPC) students expert knowledge and practical experience of the latest legal technology, with an insight into how technology can be pivotal in enhancing their legal careers. The week culminated in a ‘Legal Tech Hackathon’ in which 47 students more

BPP Pro Bono Centre’s Legal Advice Clinic – A student perspective

Charlotte Barrington is a London LPC student. She volunteers with BPP’s Pro Bono Clinic (BLAC), one of the Pro Bono Centre’s projects. The Pro Bono Centre facilitates around 30 projects engaging law students to deliver pro bono legal advice and education services to improve access to justice. Charlotte was invited to speak about her pro more

Baroness Newlove, Victims’ Commissioner

James Watson, London LPC student 2016-2017, reports on a talk by Baroness Newlove, Victims’ Commissioner. She visited BPP’s Holborn campus on 18 October 2016 and spoke about the importance of remembering the victims during criminal legal procedures.     On Tuesday the 18th of October, BPP’s Holborn campus was graced with the presence of Helen Newlove, Baroness more

BPP University School of Health lecturer Dr David S Smith discusses the science behind homesickness

As our November project covering the topic of homesickness continues, we asked Dr David S Smith from our BPP University School of Health’s psychology department to discuss the theory behind why students maybe feeling anxious after leaving home to further their education. Thousands of freshers flocked to University campuses the country over back in September. more

BPP University’s five top tips for surviving A-Level results day

BPP University’s five top tips for surviving A-Level results day! more

Stressed with exams? Here’s some top student advice

BPP University student blogger, Tola Hassan, discusses the stresses of exams and how to keep those nerves at bay. As we all know, the first week of May can come with a lot of anxiety, nerves and stress. It is human nature to stress about the things you cannot control – EXAMS! It is also more

Tola Hassan, BPP University Law Student, discusses diversity in the law profession

In light of the Oscars scandal in February, it makes you think; if such a public profession as acting can face a lack of diversity in the twenty-first century, then what other types of professions are dealing with the same issue. There was not a single African-American nomination this year and the Oscars received an more

The Secret LPCer – Discrimination

The secret LPC'er discusses diversity and the issues of potential discrimination in the application process. more

Personal Statement Top Tips

Writing a personal statement can be a daunting and tricky task. Therefore, we thought we would give you a helping hand with some useful tips on how to write a good personal statement that will help you secure your university place. Personal Statements Make it clear from the start what you are applying for. Many more

The right study environment? Study Tips #6

Week 6 of BPP's study tips series uncovers the importance of a comfortable study environment. Follow the conversation on twitter with #bppstudytips. The people and objects of your study environment have a massive impact on your productivity. more

Preparing to move to the UK

Making the decision to come and study with us in the UK is an exciting one and of course, it is important to be prepared for your new adventure. There are a few things we advise you to consider, to make your transition into UK life as smooth and enjoyable as possible.   BEFORE YOU more

Exercise for your mind – Study Tips #5

Exercise improves learning by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, enhancing energy production and waste removal. It also increases the level of brain chemicals known as growth factors, which help replenish brain cells and establish new connections that help us learn. more

Drink yourself smarter – Study Tips #4

What you drink can be just as important as what you eat and how well you sleep when it comes to enhancing brain activity, so next time you go to the kitchen to make a brew, we want you to consider what effects the liquids you consume will be having on your work performance. more

Which music should you study to? – Study Tips #3

Brew a pot of coffee, crank up the tunes, and knuckle down to some good ol’-fashioned studying. You may not be surprised to hear that many students actually prepare for their exams this way. However, is it the most productive method? Studies have shown that certain types of background noise can disrupt your concentration. This includes low-level noise in the home, people talking, your neighbour playing trance music at 3am… so it’s important to tailor your study environment to enhance your learning. more

Sleep your way to success – Study Tips #2

Studying. It's not always that much fun is it. There’s always something good on TV, some cleaning to be done, or friends wanting to try “the best burritos in town” at that new restaurant. Before you know it the evening has disappeared and you need to cram in a couple of hour's revision lest you fall behind. As a result, you end up getting five hours sleep, are exhausted and irritable the next day and ultimately too tired to study that evening. You sit and watch The Apprentice whilst worrying about how to cram all that information into your head. more

The ultimate Study Tips compilation

BPP Study Tips series gives you the tools to study effectively for those exams. This article outlines our audience interaction and the full series of posts including food, drink, exercise, sleep, sounds and surrounds. more

Brain foods to boost your mood – Study Tips #1

Let’s face it, we all like the occasional burger and fries - but when it comes to studying for life-changing exams, it’s good to consider extra ways in which to boost your performance. Unfortunately eating a greasy burger is not the way to do it. Time and again it’s been proven that a diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables can do incredible things for your health. They help avoid high blood pressure and health-related issues later in life, do wonders for your mental well-being and boost your brain power. We all lead busy lives, so increasing your studying effectiveness should be of the utmost priority. more