The New Insolvency Rules – Are You Ready?

The new Insolvency rules come into force on 6 April 2017 and will see the biggest change in the insolvency regime since 1986. Here Insolvency expert Charanjit Uppal examines the industry impact and outlines the five biggest changes. more

What to read from your CFA® exam results banding

It is one of the harsher things about the CFA® Program that there is only one type of pass but 10 shades of fail. However, with such high stakes exams it is vital to use the fail band information to guide your decisions as to what the next stage will be. To understand what the more

The new UK Financial Reporting framework

Update yourself with the new UK Financial Reporting framework. Significant changes are taking place in the UK with all current FRS and SSAP being replaced by a new accounting framework FRS 102. more

Margins, not market share

A fascinating survey entitled ‘Maintaining Margins While Staying Vigilant’ was recently released by FERF and Protiviti. FERF is the non-profit research affiliate of Financial Executives International and Protiviti is a global consulting firm focusing on finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit. These two organisation carry out insightful research each year as to what more

Leases on the Loose

Special report on leases concludes that the distinction between operating leases and finance leases that is required by present standards is arbitrary and unsatisfactory. The main deficiency being that they do not provide for the recognition in lessees’ balance sheets of material assets and liabilities arising from operating leases. Date: 1996 and published by the more

Going Long on The Big Short

The Big Short is Director Adam Mackay’s adaption of author Michael Lewis’ book of the same name.  In the book, Lewis tracks the fortunes of three fund managers who separately decide that the US housing market is fundamentally overvalued, and seek to short sell that market, i.e. bet on a nationwide housing price fall.  The more

The new leases standard: IFRS 16 Leases Finally published.

After many years of waiting, IFRS 16 Leases has finally been published in January 2016.  The new leases standard will have a significant impact on those with major assets under operating lease. Assets under operating lease will be capitalised resulting in both an asset and liability being recognised in the financial statements.  This could impact more

Alan Rickman: a week to Die Hard (in bonds)

This week we mourn the loss of 69 year old entertainment great: Alan Rickman. An accomplished stage and film actor, he may be most remembered for some of his villainous roles such as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Perhaps his greatest role is as the foil to the hero, John McClane more

Let’s Dance: the Bowie Bonds

Let’s Dance: the Bowie Bonds The death of David Bowie reminded the world of finance that not only was he a very talented and justly famous musician, he was also the source of a significant financial innovation. In 1997 David Bowie securitised (or securitized) the rights to 25 of his albums.  This was the first more

Financial Modelling Training at BPP

Financial Modelling Training at BPP Do you use excel? Most people whose jobs involve them sitting at a desk will use Microsoft excel from time to time. Many jobs require extensive use of excel, and the ability to use some of the more advanced functionality can be essential. It is a tool that has been more

Are you ready for FRS 102?

UK GAAP as we know it is changing. Any entity currently using UK GAAP now needs to transition to a new source of accounting guidance; the single standard FRS 102. BPP have developed a range of courses to help you develop knowledge of the topic, We are more than half way through the 2 year more

Mattioli Woods teams up with BPP Professional Apprenticeships to offer school leavers the new Financial Services ‘Trailblazer’ pprenticeship

Apprenticeships are now on offer to school leavers who are keen to kick-start their financial careers with Mattioli Woods plc where they will also receive expert training and a professional qualification from BPP Professional Apprenticeships. Apply today Mattioli Woods, one of the UK’s leading providers of wealth management and employee benefit services, has 12 apprenticeship more

Out-going CII president tells BPP Professional Apprenticeships ‘Apprentices should be a priority’

Ashwin Mistry has hailed the value of apprenticeships, advising Insurance businesses to prioritise them when looking to bring new talent into the workforce. The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) president spoke exclusively to BPP Professional Apprenticeships and discussed the future of insurance apprenticeships and how businesses can get the best out of their young employees. When more

You Passed CFA® Level III – what to do now…?

You Passed Level III – what to do now…? The first thing to do is give yourself a big pat on the back. With pass rates averaging at about 40% per level, getting through all three levels is a great achievement. Once you recover from the celebrations, it is time to think about your next more

CFA® exam Level II to Level III Preparation

Well done on your Level II success! You’ve celebrated wildly but you know the sooner you make a start on Level 3, the less stressful the first half of 2017 will be! First the good news – no Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance and Quants at Level III (yes, it’s true!). But there are bits from more

Should you go for CFA® level II?

Should you go for CFA® level II? After making it through Level I and coming out the other side there are always a few doubts. Is the CFA ® really right for me? This depends on what the question really means. The CFA ® is not relevant for my job. Undoubtedly if you are planning more

Should you retake CFA® Level II?

Should you retake CFA® Level II exam? You’ve received the email from CFA® Institute and results were not what you had been hoping for… It’s no surprise that many people consider Level II to be the hardest one to pass. It’s not just the number of readings to cover, it’s the depth of knowledge that more

What to read from your CFA® exam results banding

It is one of the harsher things about the CFA® Program that there is only one type of pass but 10 shades of fail. However, with such high stakes exams it is vital to use the fail band information to guide your decisions as to what the next stage will be. To understand what the more

Moving from CFA® Level I to Level II

First of all, if you are reading this you probably got through Level I, which is no mean feat. It is fair to say that for many people Level I is the hardest of the three exams. This is not because individual questions are tricky, but because there are just so many of them! Also, more

Professional Development Courses to compliment your CFA® exams

If you’re working your way through the CFA exams and waiting for you next course to start, you could consider taking some additional courses that compliment your studies, increase your confidence and your all important CV. BPP Professional Development has courses which; Help you to understand the practical mechanics of the theoretical concepts you study more