Tax teacher Nitin feeling humble following ‘Lecturer of the Year’ PQ Magazine award success

A tax and accountancy tutor at BPP Professional Education says winning a 2017 PQ Magazine Award is the “pinnacle” of his career. Nitin Rabheru, 43, was awarded ‘Lecturer of the Year’ for the private sector at February’s winners’ ceremony, held in London. Admitting to feeling shocked to even be nominated, Nitin was completely overwhelmed to more

The New Insolvency Rules – Are You Ready?

The new Insolvency rules come into force on 6 April 2017 and will see the biggest change in the insolvency regime since 1986. Here Insolvency expert Charanjit Uppal examines the industry impact and outlines the five biggest changes. more

Getting released through Clearing- Top tips

Got your A-level results? Changed your mind about your course or university choice? Don’t panic, we’ve got the tools to help you change your course and your future. Here is our guidance on getting released through clearing. Use Clearing to your advantage and gain more than just a degree, join a profession.   more

BPP University is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the UK usually means a time for couples to exchange gifts, arrange special dinners or take exciting trips to celebrate their love for one another. But not every country or culture celebrates in the same way or on 14 February – the traditional day of romance. In fact in Brazil, their ‘Dia more

Going Long on The Big Short

The Big Short is Director Adam Mackay’s adaption of author Michael Lewis’ book of the same name.  In the book, Lewis tracks the fortunes of three fund managers who separately decide that the US housing market is fundamentally overvalued, and seek to short sell that market, i.e. bet on a nationwide housing price fall.  The more

Alan Rickman: a week to Die Hard (in bonds)

This week we mourn the loss of 69 year old entertainment great: Alan Rickman. An accomplished stage and film actor, he may be most remembered for some of his villainous roles such as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Perhaps his greatest role is as the foil to the hero, John McClane more

Let’s Dance: the Bowie Bonds

Let’s Dance: the Bowie Bonds The death of David Bowie reminded the world of finance that not only was he a very talented and justly famous musician, he was also the source of a significant financial innovation. In 1997 David Bowie securitised (or securitized) the rights to 25 of his albums.  This was the first more

The right study environment? Study Tips #6

Week 6 of BPP's study tips series uncovers the importance of a comfortable study environment. Follow the conversation on twitter with #bppstudytips. The people and objects of your study environment have a massive impact on your productivity. more

Exercise for your mind – Study Tips #5

Exercise improves learning by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, enhancing energy production and waste removal. It also increases the level of brain chemicals known as growth factors, which help replenish brain cells and establish new connections that help us learn. more

Drink yourself smarter – Study Tips #4

What you drink can be just as important as what you eat and how well you sleep when it comes to enhancing brain activity, so next time you go to the kitchen to make a brew, we want you to consider what effects the liquids you consume will be having on your work performance. more

Which music should you study to? – Study Tips #3

Brew a pot of coffee, crank up the tunes, and knuckle down to some good ol’-fashioned studying. You may not be surprised to hear that many students actually prepare for their exams this way. However, is it the most productive method? Studies have shown that certain types of background noise can disrupt your concentration. This includes low-level noise in the home, people talking, your neighbour playing trance music at 3am… so it’s important to tailor your study environment to enhance your learning. more

Sleep your way to success – Study Tips #2

Studying. It's not always that much fun is it. There’s always something good on TV, some cleaning to be done, or friends wanting to try “the best burritos in town” at that new restaurant. Before you know it the evening has disappeared and you need to cram in a couple of hour's revision lest you fall behind. As a result, you end up getting five hours sleep, are exhausted and irritable the next day and ultimately too tired to study that evening. You sit and watch The Apprentice whilst worrying about how to cram all that information into your head. more

The ultimate Study Tips compilation

BPP Study Tips series gives you the tools to study effectively for those exams. This article outlines our audience interaction and the full series of posts including food, drink, exercise, sleep, sounds and surrounds. more

A Bad Week for Business, Germany and Government

Daniel Jones, faculty manager of BPP University Business School explains the consequences of the recent Volkswagen scandal and the ricocheting impact it will have on other businesses as well as future government policies. “After recent revelations, our diesel engine Volkswagen Golf seems no longer such a great investment. It has been a reliable car over more

Excel Tips of The Week 1-10

All of our Excel Tips in one handy place! more

Our guide to results day

Results day. A day which will decide where you will spend the next few years of your life, where you will make life-long friends and where you will learn and grow as an adult. A-levels results are released on the 13th of August, at around 8am. Bear in mind that UCAS Track is often busy or slow, so more

AAT student wins Distance Learner of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Mr Ashraf Ali has won AAT’s 2015 Distance Learner of the Year!   Mr Ali is 85 years of age and an inspiration to students with a ‘never give up’ attitude to his studies. He previously worked in a bookkeeping role but has never had a qualification to show for it – more

Accountancy Interviews – the Questions & Answers you need to know

Preparing for your first accounting interview? Here's some of the questions you might face, and our suggestions of how to tackle them... more

Excel Tips of The Week 1-5

All of our Excel Tips in one handy place! more

5 ways to get the most out of your to-do list

Many of us write a to-do list, and then never look at it again. Here’s how to start ticking off items like never before.   From managing your studies to planning your work day, to-do lists can be invaluable – and highly satisfying to finish. But only if they’re used correctly. Here’s the top 5 more