Preparing to move to the UK

Making the decision to come and study with us in the UK is an exciting one and of course, it is important to be prepared for your new adventure. There are a few things we advise you to consider, to make your transition into UK life as smooth and enjoyable as possible.   BEFORE YOU more

Exercise for your mind – Study Tips #5

Exercise improves learning by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, enhancing energy production and waste removal. It also increases the level of brain chemicals known as growth factors, which help replenish brain cells and establish new connections that help us learn. more

Drink yourself smarter – Study Tips #4

What you drink can be just as important as what you eat and how well you sleep when it comes to enhancing brain activity, so next time you go to the kitchen to make a brew, we want you to consider what effects the liquids you consume will be having on your work performance. more

Which music should you study to? – Study Tips #3

Brew a pot of coffee, crank up the tunes, and knuckle down to some good ol’-fashioned studying. You may not be surprised to hear that many students actually prepare for their exams this way. However, is it the most productive method? Studies have shown that certain types of background noise can disrupt your concentration. This includes low-level noise in the home, people talking, your neighbour playing trance music at 3am… so it’s important to tailor your study environment to enhance your learning. more

Sleep your way to success – Study Tips #2

Studying. It's not always that much fun is it. There’s always something good on TV, some cleaning to be done, or friends wanting to try “the best burritos in town” at that new restaurant. Before you know it the evening has disappeared and you need to cram in a couple of hour's revision lest you fall behind. As a result, you end up getting five hours sleep, are exhausted and irritable the next day and ultimately too tired to study that evening. You sit and watch The Apprentice whilst worrying about how to cram all that information into your head. more

The ultimate Study Tips compilation

BPP Study Tips series gives you the tools to study effectively for those exams. This article outlines our audience interaction and the full series of posts including food, drink, exercise, sleep, sounds and surrounds. more

Brain foods to boost your mood – Study Tips #1

Let’s face it, we all like the occasional burger and fries - but when it comes to studying for life-changing exams, it’s good to consider extra ways in which to boost your performance. Unfortunately eating a greasy burger is not the way to do it. Time and again it’s been proven that a diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables can do incredible things for your health. They help avoid high blood pressure and health-related issues later in life, do wonders for your mental well-being and boost your brain power. We all lead busy lives, so increasing your studying effectiveness should be of the utmost priority. more

How to make the most of an Open Day

Open Days are a vital part of any university application: they are your first, and often only impression of a university before you arrive in September. The events are all about discovering how the university would work you, both in terms of your academic career and social interests. An Open Day can be hectic, so more

Hear it from the experts: Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood

Students studying the MSc International Marketing programme at BPP University were able to utilise the knowledge of the experts in the latest assignment for their Advertising module. Mark Spencer-Ellis, Marketing Project Manager for BPP, and Dave Raywood, Head of International Marketing for BPP, both shared their highly experienced advice, giving the students an in-depth insight more

Getting in gear: the start of a new year!

As the dawn of a new academic career approaches, each of us begin to make new promises and resolutions that we hope to keep, even in the most stressful of terms. Perhaps you’ll promise to be more organised, improve on last year’s results or just simply work harder. Whatever your goal, our top 5 tips more

Choosing a university: your first step made easier

Beginning your UCAS application can be daunting: it marks the first stage of your Higher Education journey. Deciding on where to spend the next three years living and learning is undoubtedly a difficult choice. Our short and easy steps will help you to simplify the process and make your own informed decision. Be prepared! It’s more

Our guide to results day

Results day. A day which will decide where you will spend the next few years of your life, where you will make life-long friends and where you will learn and grow as an adult. A-levels results are released on the 13th of August, at around 8am. Bear in mind that UCAS Track is often busy or slow, so more

Motivate your studies – how to stay on track

When exams seem daunting, it’s more than tempting to procrastinate and put off your studies. Read our different strategies for staying motivated throughout your course   Set your target exam date – don’t let yourself keep pushing your exams back, book your date and plan your revision backwards from there. Stick to your timetable and more

Juliette Wagner, Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching, joins elite group following Principal Fellowship recognition.

She’s received elite recognition at the university where she works, yet Juliette Wagner remains humble about her recent success. For the 42-year-old mum-of-three and BPP University’s deputy dean of Learning and Teaching has become a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). She’s joined an elite group to earn the title – with just 314 HEA more

How to make the most of your summer break

Whether you are just about to finish your A-levels, or you’re halfway through your degree, you should be starting to think about how best to spend the coming summer. A long break from exams, deadlines, and lectures, means you could easily spend whole days wallowing in the sunshine sipping ice cold drinks. As wonderful as more

How to avoid plagiarism in your work – written by Gaynor Cross

What is Plagiarism? The action or practice of taking someone else’s work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one’s own; literary theft.   Types of Plagiarism: There are four different types of plagiarism: Direct plagiarism– Taking another person’s ideas word for word without giving proper citation Self-plagiarism– Submitting your own previous work as part more

Business School Education: How to Make Business and Management Education Relevant- written by Sally-Ann Burnett

Introduction This article considers business and management education in the modern world and how the education of today’s management professionals is dependent on a rapidly changing context that is becoming more technology dependent and global in nature.   Looking back Since 2007, Business and Management programmes in English universities have had the highest number of more

Personal Statement tips

Writing a personal statement can be a daunting and tricky task. Therefore, we thought we would give you a helping hand with some useful tips on howto write a good personal statement that will help you secure your university place. more

The growth of Apprenticeships and School Leaver Schemes

  In January 2013 the Civil Service, one of the top employers of graduates each year recruiting around 500 of the brightest students in the country, announced the launch of a fast track apprenticeship scheme that will match their graduate intake. A representative of the Civil Service stated that “We are committed to giving more more

An Introduction to the BPP Birmingham Centre

Centrally located with state of the art learning facilities; find out from Branch President Anisha Kiri what's so great about studying in Birmingham. more