Restarting a stalled career – 5 tips on staying motivated

Feel like your career isn’t moving forward anymore? You’re not alone, in today’s competitive business environments more and more people are reaching a stage where they run out of energy to push their job, or are simply not in a position where they can develop anymore. The important thing is to recognise this has happened, more

Enhance your career – 4 ways to get the training and development you need

A good accountant is always developing and moving forward – knowledge of industry events, regulation changes and best practice is essential if you want to be at the top of your game. However, professional development or qualifications can be expensive to fund yourself. The good news is that quite often employers are willing to invest more

Coming back to work after a career break – 5 tips for success

Going back to work after a career break – maternity leave, caring for a family member or just following other goals – can be daunting, and at times seem impossible. Your former colleagues have likely moved on with their careers, and new technologies or industry trends mean the business world has changed. The good news more

Big or small? The pros and cons of accounting jobs in different company sizes

It’s easy to assume that the bigger the company, the better the job and the better opportunities you’ll be offered. But this isn’t always the case – small firms have their advantages too! Here’s the pros and cons of different financial companies to work for.     Large companies Pros On average, larger companies are more

How to stay motivated in your first job

First jobs are notoriously not fun. Staying motivated when everyone around you is further up their career ladder can be tricky, so here’s our top tips on staying happy and motivated when your work isn’t as interesting as it could be.   Reminder yourself of why you’re here When you’re just starting out, your career more

Do I still need a covering letter?

Old habits die hard. For all the advances in technology, emailing and online employee profiles, a covering letter remains an essential component of most job application processes.   While the style, structure and even method of delivery may have evolved in recent years, the majority of recruiters and employers still expect to receive a cover more

Selected features from the Careers Blog – May 2015

  The Careers Blog is part of the BPP Blog and can be accessed at Click on ‘Careers’ on the right-hand menu. Name of feature Read-throughs Library and Information Service: Careers information 20 How to become Career Ready using the Career Development Plan 24 20 minutes with a recruiter 25 The Best Places to more

Graduate Advantage

Graduate Advantage internship opportunities are available to students who are studying at universities in the West Midlands, or who are living (or returning to live) in the West Midlands. Candidates need to have a West Midlands postcode. All opportunities are with SMEs in the West Midlands region and all internships are paid. The service is more

London Opportunity Fair – Wednesday 13th of May, London Holborn

On Wednesday  13th May, BPP’s Careers Service held their annual Opportunity Fair in London Holborn. It was a great chance for students to speak directly with employers regarding legal opportunities such as paralegal work and alternative routes in to a legal career. 16 exhibitors attended the event, with over 200 students attending on the day. more

5 hobbies that’ll take your career to the next level

If you are currently looking for a new job, career progression or a move up the corporate ladder, we have some tips on career boosting hobbies that could help you stand out at that important job interview.   Creative writing Having an interest in creative writing can highlight a strength you may have as an editor more

How to write a great CV – advice from students, for students.

A couple of weeks ago we posed a question to the community on The Student Room on the topic of CV’s.  Lots of people got involved, offering up their ‘top tips’ to writing a CV. Whether you are thinking about applying for a summer job, an internship, or you are about to graduate, it is more

Accountant or not, Excel skills are invaluable in the workplace

‘Crunched by the Numbers: The Digital Skills Gap in the Workforce’ is a new report by BurningGlass research looking into the rise of jobs requiring at least basic digital skills.   The report focuses on how the middle-skilled job market is now leaning towards roles that are ‘digitally-skilled’ – requiring some use of basic software more

Accountancy Interviews – the Questions & Answers you need to know

Preparing for your first accounting interview? Here's some of the questions you might face, and our suggestions of how to tackle them... more

How to make the most of your summer break

Whether you are just about to finish your A-levels, or you’re halfway through your degree, you should be starting to think about how best to spend the coming summer. A long break from exams, deadlines, and lectures, means you could easily spend whole days wallowing in the sunshine sipping ice cold drinks. As wonderful as more

Breaking into Accountancy

Desperate for a role in the Big Four? Here are our top four tips on what they — and other accounting firms — are looking for in a candidate..   Forward Thinking Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you If you are looking for practical experience, why not volunteer? You could offer to help a more

Mind the Gap – how to disclose breaks in your employment history on your CV

Ah, the dreaded CV gap, the favourite bugbear of recruiters and HR professionals the world over. And we, the lowly candidates, worry too. But maybe we should be worrying a little less. If you’ve been in employment for several years you would only be expected to include the highlights of your experience so small gaps more

10 Minutes – BPP Careers Service

Alexandra Cernanove, University Relations Manager at 10 Minutes With attended the Volunteering and Internship Fair at the London City campus this month. “ is a digital career platform that gives you access to job and internship opportunities globally and career insights from professionals in a range of industries. Internships, graduate programmes or MBA jobs from more

Inspiring Interns – BPP Careers Service

Representatives from Inspiring Interns attended the Volunteering and Internship Fair at the London City campus this month.   Katie Appleby, Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns writes: “It’s easy to be one-track minded when it comes to thinking about your natural career progression from degree to entry-level job or internship, but hold up! You don’t have more

The Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Kerry Hulf, Events Manager at PCRC (The Prostate Cancer Research Centre) attended the Volunteering and Internship Fair at the London City campus this month.   The Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) carries out research into the causes of and treatment for the UK’s most frequently diagnosed male cancer. The Centre is based at the University more

BPP Careers Service: Volunteering and Internship Fair

FACT: 79% of members from the Association of Graduate Recruiters believe graduates who possess skills gained through volunteering progress through a company more quickly. (Source: CSV)   With this in mind, BPP Careers Service held its 2nd Volunteering and Internship Fair at the London City campus this month. Organisations attending included 10 Minutes With, Barnados, more