Tax teacher Nitin feeling humble following ‘Lecturer of the Year’ PQ Magazine award success

A tax and accountancy tutor at BPP Professional Education says winning a 2017 PQ Magazine Award is the “pinnacle” of his career. Nitin Rabheru, 43, was awarded ‘Lecturer of the Year’ for the private sector at February’s winners’ ceremony, held in London. Admitting to feeling shocked to even be nominated, Nitin was completely overwhelmed to more

CMI Student Ambassadors 2017

BPP University Business School is delighted to be trailblazing with the appointment of CMI Student Ambassadors in London and the South East. more

BPP Pro Bono Centre’s Legal Advice Clinic – A student perspective

Charlotte Barrington is a London LPC student. She volunteers with BPP’s Pro Bono Clinic (BLAC), one of the Pro Bono Centre’s projects. The Pro Bono Centre facilitates around 30 projects engaging law students to deliver pro bono legal advice and education services to improve access to justice. Charlotte was invited to speak about her pro more

Getting released through Clearing- Top tips

Got your A-level results? Changed your mind about your course or university choice? Don’t panic, we’ve got the tools to help you change your course and your future. Here is our guidance on getting released through clearing. Use Clearing to your advantage and gain more than just a degree, join a profession.   more

BPP University law students offer free advice for residential property issues

Law students studying at BPP University are providing a new pro bono legal advice clinic on matters relating to residential property tribunals. Anyone who has issued, or is thinking about issuing, an application relating to a residential property dispute in the tribunal will be eligible to attend a 20-minute free advice session with us. Our more

Making a great first impression

How to make a great first impression

We all know how important the first impression is in any stage of your life. Whether it be at an interview, your first day at a new job, first day as an apprentice (or even meeting potential in laws!) - making a good first impression is vital. more

What employers are looking for in an apprentice

What are the 5 things employers look for in an apprentice?

After studying the accounting myself, I now work with businesses who employ apprentices. But what exactly are the key attributes that these employers look for in the interview process and in the workplace? Here’s my top 5 thoughts: more

The future of Apprenticeships

The future of apprenticeships – our 5 predictions for 2020

The world of apprenticeships is evolving at an immense pace. The introduction of Higher Apprenticeships and then Degree Apprenticeships, combined with Government announcements on funding, have seen the popularity grow with employers and apprentices alike.   The biggest change we’ve seen in the last five years has been the shift in perceptions – apprenticeships are more

BPP University’s successful pro bono clinic awarded quality mark

BPP University’s London pro bono legal advice clinic has become only the second in the country to be awarded the Advice Quality Standard (AQS), the quality mark for independent advice organisations in the voluntary sector. more

Accountants put the ‘fun’ in function

This time of year is full of Christmas parties, and the usual levels of mingling. After a while, small talk inevitably reaches the question ‘What do you do for a living?’, at which point not very many people are too excited to hear the answer accountant! Very rarely do I get a ‘Wow that must more

Hear it from the experts: Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood are back helping the students with their latest challenge

BPP University MSc International Marketing students have had a facinating slant to their Advertising module assessment, when they recently adopted the role of an advertising agency. Each semester the students are given a different brief to work from; they then pitch their group project and present back to the other members of the class. This more

Are you made to be an accountant?

You need more than a degree in accounting to secure yourself a position with an employer. Whilst a good degree is important, organisations are also looking for a candidate with the ideal qualities and characteristics to best suit the role. Here are the top additional qualities employers seek..   Assertive confidence: You must be able more

Brain foods to boost your mood – Study Tips #1

Let’s face it, we all like the occasional burger and fries - but when it comes to studying for life-changing exams, it’s good to consider extra ways in which to boost your performance. Unfortunately eating a greasy burger is not the way to do it. Time and again it’s been proven that a diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables can do incredible things for your health. They help avoid high blood pressure and health-related issues later in life, do wonders for your mental well-being and boost your brain power. We all lead busy lives, so increasing your studying effectiveness should be of the utmost priority. more

Get ready to make your big career change

A career change is a huge decision to make, so to help we’ve compiled a list of what to consider before diving into your new work industry.   Sit down and write a list of all your career possibilities Applying for every job advert you come across will be a huge drain of your time, more

Becoming an Accountant – On Demand webinar now available

Accountancy is among the world’s most stimulating, exciting and rewarding professions. It’s at the heart of every modern business, and people with the right financial skills are an asset no modern organisation can afford to be without. In this webinar, learn about the various skills you will need to launch your accounting career, and the more

Your legal CV

Vacation schemes, training contracts and pupillage applications may see a long way off but now is the perfect time to start getting your CV in order. Kate Bassett, Head of Careers at BPP University Leeds, gives us the basics on how to write a great legal CV. more

Restarting a stalled career – 5 tips on staying motivated

Feel like your career isn’t moving forward anymore? You’re not alone, in today’s competitive business environments more and more people are reaching a stage where they run out of energy to push their job, or are simply not in a position where they can develop anymore. The important thing is to recognise this has happened, more

Enhance your career – 4 ways to get the training and development you need

A good accountant is always developing and moving forward – knowledge of industry events, regulation changes and best practice is essential if you want to be at the top of your game. However, professional development or qualifications can be expensive to fund yourself. The good news is that quite often employers are willing to invest more

Coming back to work after a career break – 5 tips for success

Going back to work after a career break – maternity leave, caring for a family member or just following other goals – can be daunting, and at times seem impossible. Your former colleagues have likely moved on with their careers, and new technologies or industry trends mean the business world has changed. The good news more

Big or small? The pros and cons of accounting jobs in different company sizes

It’s easy to assume that the bigger the company, the better the job and the better opportunities you’ll be offered. But this isn’t always the case – small firms have their advantages too! Here’s the pros and cons of different financial companies to work for.     Large companies Pros On average, larger companies are more