Mark and Kirsty facing the students

Mark Spencer-Ellis and Kirtsy Leigh are helping students deal with their latest challenge

Students studying on the Advertising Management module have a fascinating slant to their module assessment, which is that they have to adopt the role of an advertising agency and make a group pitch presentation to other members of the class and to their tutors.

Each semester the brief for the presentation changes and this time the students have £500k to spend on an advertising campaign to help an entrepreneur expand his business by launching a new app for UK use called “Wave”.

Wave is an app with almost 4 million users worldwide which allows anyone to see in real-time the exact location of their contacts in a PRIVATE map for a limited period of time. Wave makes it easy and fun for friends and family to meet in real time and is changing the way people find each other, by offering a fast, simple and safe location service.

The client see’s countless situations where Wave is a useful tool – a group of friends meeting to grab a beer, a father and his daughter who are going out at night, a skiing trip, a music festival, a business meeting, a group of students traveling to an unknown city – basically anytime when two or more people need to meet.

Students adopt the role of competing Advertising Agencies who are submitting proposals for an advertising campaign in the UK to generate £20m turnover within the first 12 months of the launch of the product.  The target audience is primarily consumers with potential uses including meeting friends, music festivals, travellers in a new city, family location or outdoor sports and they have a budget of £500k to play with.

Each semester students enjoy the combined expertise of two professionals who share their experiences and give the student’s advice on some of the intricacies of launching an advertising campaign – Mark Spencer-Ellis, is the Marketing Project Manager for BPP, and Kirsty Leigh is the Marketing Manager for BPP University Business School.

Both Mark and Kirsty discuss their professional backgrounds and answer questions from the students on a range of different topics as diverse as what makes a good Pitch presentation, how to structure a presentation and what have been some of the mistakes they’ve made when attending a pitch presentation!

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the session and student comments reflected that. One of the students, Diana Franco: said that “Having quality speakers like Mark and Kirsty provides a tremendous real life insight into the challenges for both the agency AND the client and we all felt so much more confident after we had spent time with them” Another student, Laura Garcia Ceballos, felt that “we all consider ourselves very fortunate to have spent time with Mark and Kirsty and really appreciate the, sharing their experiences”

So a huge thank you to Mark Spencer-Ellis and Kirsty Leigh for their time, and for sharing their invaluable professional experience with our MSc International Marketing Students

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