In profile with Dr. John Mantikas Head of Postgraduate Programmes at BPP University Business School

How long have you been at BPP University?:

I joined BPP University at the beginning of 2015 as Head of Postgraduate programmes at the Business School, having being engaged in the academic arena since 2004.


What is your background and experience before coming to BPP University?

I have studied Marketing and my educational qualifications also include an MBA and a DBA.  Prior to joining BPP University I gained a wealth of experience largely with Fortune 500 organisations such as Unilever, Citibank, Visa Int’l and HSBC. Also, I co-founded and led the development of a start-up internet bank in the UK. Other practitioner experience includes consultancy positions with Apple and GE where I was involved in devising sales and marketing strategies and in capability building.

My most recent role, before joining BPP University, was as Programme Director at QA Business School working in Partnership with Ulster and Northumbria Universities.


How has your experience assisted you with your position at BPP University?

I am privileged to have worked in diverse sectors of the industry, with blue chip organisations and in 27 international markets.  This provides a natural affinity to cultural diversity and in managing in complex operating situations. Also, it highlights the benefits in designing curricula that incorporate strong pedagogical principles with practitioner enriched learning and application.


What do you enjoy most about your role at BPP University?

It is a dynamic environment where added value is appreciated.  As Head of Postgraduate Programmes at BPP University, I manage the Business and Management programmes. My key areas of focus include the student journey and experience as well as ensuring that programmes are relevant to and informed by industry. This in turn, has a positive impact on employability.

I recognise the importance of students gaining practical experience and knowledge in connecting their investment in education to their career aspirations.   Our faculty combines practitioner backgrounds with academic rigour and we all enjoy bringing the workplace straight into the classroom.  Professionals teaching professionals.


If you could give one piece of advice to students what would it be?

Hold tight to your dreams and career aspirations.   Education is like a bank account: The more you put in the more you can take out !

Dr. John Mantikas will be giving presentations this month, covering our Postgraduate business school programmes, at our Open Evenings at BPP University Business School. Find out more about our open evenings here:



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