Hear it from the experts: Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood are back helping the students with their latest challenge

BPP University MSc International Marketing students have had a facinating slant to their Advertising module assessment, when they recently adopted the role of an advertising agency.

Each semester the students are given a different brief to work from; they then pitch their group project and present back to the other members of the class. This term, the students were told that they had £1 million to spend on an advertising campaign to help an entrepreneur expand his business by launching a new app for a parcel delivery service.

The scenario is made even more interesting and engaging for the students since the business is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the entrepreneur already runs a motocycle taxi company, which has “potential to become the largest motorcycle taxi company in the region for example encompassing Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines – in fact, the whole of south-east Asia”.  The client would like his latest parcel-delvery venture to perform equally well, as well as leverage the existing brand – quite a task given a relatively limited budget of £1 million

Each semester students enjoy the combined expertise of two professionals who share their experiences and give the students advice on some of the intricacies of launching an advertising campaign – Mark Spencer-Ellis, is the Marketing Project Manager for BPP and Dave Raywood, Head of International Marketing for BPP. During the session, both guests discuss their professional background and answer questions from the students on a range of different topics; from what makes a good pitch presentation to questions surronding the sorts of the mistakes they’ve made when attending a pitch presentation!

The session was a great success and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the day. One student, James Taylor explained, “Having quality speakers like Mark and Dave provides a tremendous real life insight into the challenges for both the agency and the client, and has implications far beyond the immediacy of the course – we all consider ourselves very fortunate to spend time with them.”

We wish all of our students the best of luck with their final presentations on the 9th Decemeber! Once again, a huge thank you to Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood for their time, and for sharing their invaluable professional experience with our MSc International Students.


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