Benefits of apprenticeships

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

Benefits of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great way to start your career. You’ll be earning a wage, gaining a professional qualification, gaining work experience and working full time in a job role, all without paying tuition fees!

We want to show you the amazing opportunities and benefits of choosing an apprenticeship programme.

You’ll be learning on the job.

As an apprentice, you will work full-time in a role for an employer. Depending on what apprenticeship you do, your learning could be in the form of online webinars, assignments, in-classroom lectures, exams or portfolio work. You’ll be surrounded by those who have years of experience in their sector.

Earn while you learn.

From the word go, you’ll be earning your own wage as you’ll get paid for your apprenticeship. The average weekly wage was £266 for the opportunities advertised by BPP from September 2015 to August 2016.

Paid holidays.

As an employee of a company, you will be entitled to paid holidays. Your entitlement may vary depending on your employment and training agreement.

Good career prospects.

Once you have finished your apprenticeship, there will be a lot of opportunities that will become available to you. Many employers will offer you a full time job after you complete and will want you to carry on working for them. However, you may want to look for a job with another employer in the same sector. Since having industry experience is very important, you’ll be able to show that you’ve got that, plus a professional qualification which can give you an advantage over other applicants.

Increased confidence.

With all the skills and knowledge you learn during your apprenticeship, confidence is one that is drastically improved. As a young professional, you may at first struggle in certain situations, such as negotiations as you feel inexperienced. We see that those on our apprenticeship programmes have increased their confidence levels due to feeling like part of the team and being challenged in situations. Phone calls with clients? Easy. Presentation in front of the Directors? No problem.

No tuition fees.

The government and your employer will pay for all of your learning fees, meaning you won’t have to pay any tuition fees throughout your apprenticeship – no matter how old you are.

Build your contacts.

Apprenticeships can last between 12 months and 6 years, so during that time you’ll meet lots of different people and can build relationships with colleagues, clients and managers. The ability to network also comes from this opportunity and you never know when those professional contacts can come in handy in the future.

As you can see, apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity and are a viable option to take. From accountants to lawyers, to finance professionals and chartered managers, there is an apprenticeship that is waiting for you.

We work with many of the UK’s leading companies, from independent firms to large corporate businesses including RBS, J.P. Morgan, Deloitte, Kennedys and BT Group. All our current vacancies are live on our search and apply page.

For more information on BPP Professional Apprenticeships, visit our website.

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