Safeguarding at BPP: Meet the Team

Safeguarding at BPP: Meet the Team

You may know that it is World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th September. This is an initiative by the World Health Organisation which aims to raise awareness that suicide is preventable and to educate people on the help that is available. This is a real issue within the UK today and there are many fantastic charities that are working really hard to ensure that no one ever feels that alone or helpless. (Please follow this link for more details

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce the Safeguarding Team and tell you a little bit about the help that is available to you as a BPP Apprentice.

The Safeguarding Team currently comprises of Senior Safeguarding and Apprentice Engagement Officer Sarah Jane Compson and Designated Safeguarding Lead Esme Boniface. Sarah Jane has worked within BPP for 6 years as well as volunteering for the Samaritans in her spare time. Esme has worked with Apprentices for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience with supporting students.

At BPP we understand that our Apprentices are operating under a significant amount of stress. This can come from keeping up with college work, maintaining a work/life balance, home commitments as well as previously diagnosed health issues which may impact on your ability to cope.

We can listen to any concerns that you may have and offer advice and support whilst helping you to handle a situation which at first may feel insurmountable. We work with the Learning Support Team and other BPP Teams to offer you the support and understanding you need during what is naturally a taxing time. We also have the ability to refer you to a team of counsellors, should that be something that you feel would help and have an extensive register of charities and agencies that can offer further assistance, for example Stonewall, Tell Mama, Mind etc.

At BPP we want you to feel safe, secure and happy whilst achieving your goals. If you feel you would benefit from some extra support please email us at If you have an urgent safeguarding issue, please call our helpline on 0 74 64 54 26 36.

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