Making a great first impression

How to make a great first impression

We all know how important the first impression is in any stage of your life. Whether it be at an interview, your first day at a new job, first day as an apprentice (or even meeting potential in laws!) – making a good first impression is vital.

Gaining a place on an apprenticeship scheme is seen as a very tough process these days, and competition is tough! Along with needing determination, ambition and high grades, it is key to have the skills to produce that great first impression.

Take a look at these Do’s and Don’ts’s.


Do have a strong handshake

Believe it or not, many people will judge a character by the firmness of their handshake. Be sure to greet you’re new or potential employer with a firm strong handshake – it shows confidence (and employers like this)


Do make eye contact

Make eye contact straight away! Stats have shown that 85% of employers will see if their new employee will make direct eye contact. It shows determination and passion.


Do think about your appearance

Ask yourself, would you employ someone who didn’t look smart or ‘part of the company’? Your attire is important, dress well, YOU are the one in control of your future, therefore look the part.


Don’t let your timekeeping slip!

For your first day always arrive half an hour early – this will allow you to keep calm and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Arriving late will stay in the employers head and will probably be the main reasons they remember you.


Take a look at other top tips:

  • Take notes
  • Do your homework
  • Smile and relax
  • Listen
  • Remember names of colleagues
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask questions
  • And most importantly – be yourself, you are there for a good reason, so be confident and carry on impressing!



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