London apprenticeship networking events are a success

As part of his role for our BPP Network for Professional Apprentices, our London Network President has hosted two successful networking events for our apprentices during the months of May and June.

19-year-old Ekansh Sharma, a LLW Employment Pathways Administrator (Apprentice) at A2Dominion Group, has taken his presidential role in his stride hosting informal events in Mayfair and Chelsea. Around 15 to 20 apprentices attended both events and enjoyed a food, drinks and the opportunity to get to know other apprentices.

Ekansh said, “Everyone is keen to attend again and will bring more people along so we are looking to grow from this point on.” One apprentice had even travelled from Colchester to attend one of the evening events.

As one of our Network Presidents, Ekansh wanted to hold these events as he felt that some apprentices could feel lonely if they were the only apprentice in their office or department. These events allow BPP apprentices to meet up in a social setting to talk to each other, network, share tips and make some friends. They even got some complimentary drinks! The first event was only open to those over 18 due to the venue’s ID policy, however the second event was open to everyone to attend.

One of the events saw the group of apprentices taking advantage of a dress up box, which was filled with tutus, hats, cameo outfits and sombreros, to lighten the mood and have some fun.

Ekansh is already planning his third networking event for London, but also has ideas for a larger scale event. He said, “The purpose will be to celebrate apprentices and apprenticeships and bring together the amazing team at BPP who we only know as names behind emails. It’s always good to put faces to names and celebrate what we do with everyone that makes it so great!”

Our Network for Professional Apprentices is an online platform that allows our apprentices to interact and engage with other BPP apprentices via forums, blogs and events.

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