I turned down an unconditional university offer to start a Level 4 Business and Marketing Apprenticeship at BPP.

Jennifer, 19, Marketing Executive at BPP, Level 4 Business and Marketing Apprentice

“I got an unconditional offer to study Accountancy and Finance at University but I turned that offer down to start a Level 4 Business and Marketing Apprenticeship with BPP.”

Jennifer, 19, is our Marketing Executive here at BPP Professional Apprenticeships. She is doing a Level 4 Business and Marketing Apprenticeship and has been with us since August 2016.

University was always a second choice for me. I was looking at accountancy apprenticeships and after searching online, I found a marketing apprenticeship and it sounded like something that I’d enjoy and something that I hadn’t done before. I received  my A Level results on the Thursday and started work on the Monday.

I wanted to do an apprenticeship after my older brother did one as I hadn’t considered it before then. He’s four years older than me so he started his apprenticeship when I was doing my GCSE’s and at that stage, I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. He now has a full-time job and his company keep on offering him new courses to do. He’s moved out into his own place and has a really nice car and he’s now well ahead of his friends who went to University who still live at home! I thought it suited me too because I’m willing to learn and the opportunity sounded fantastic.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone not sure of University or even if they want to go to University but haven’t looked at other options. It’s not a traditional route, yet you don’t expect to be working in an office from the age of 18 but I feel very mature and the experience is brilliant. Some people think an apprenticeship is just for construction or hairdressing but it’s not, I’m treated like a valued member of the team and have a very high level of responsibility, I can’t wait to see what I could be doing in 5 years’ time.

My apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity, people don’t think what I’m doing is as viable as getting a degree but I’m still getting an industry recognised qualification and I have work experience. Employers love experience, and the opportunity I have been given is brilliant. At the moment, I work on a range of things such as; social media, coding emails, managing different projects, engaging with apprentices, attending apprenticeship shows and I have been enjoying the challenge working on some of the B2B projects.

My training is great; I get a call every month from my assessor and if I have any queries or I’m confused, they’re just a phone call away. He guides me through my apprenticeship studies and makes sure I don’t fall behind. The relationship I’ve built with my assessor is brilliant.

I was originally looking on the National Apprenticeship Service website, mainly for apprenticeships in finance and accounting. It was on that site that I came across GetMyFirstJob , and between those, I found my apprenticeship. I was continually searching and I had a few unsuccessful tries but as soon as this vacancy came up, I applied for it. I thought it was so useful that I could put my CV up on the website and it provided me with so much information about the company and the vacancy so it was easy for me to know what to do.

You can read the full blog on GetMyFirstJob’s ‘Apprenticeship Stories’ website.

BPP Professional Apprenticeships enable you to start gaining hands-on experience with an employer in your chosen profession straight after your GCSEs or A Levels, while working towards the professional qualifications you’ll need to succeed in your career. It’s a full-time job with a full-time salary and no tuition fees.

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