The future of Apprenticeships

The future of apprenticeships – our 5 predictions for 2020

The world of apprenticeships is evolving at an immense pace. The introduction of Higher Apprenticeships and then Degree Apprenticeships, combined with Government announcements on funding, have seen the popularity grow with employers and apprentices alike.


The biggest change we’ve seen in the last five years has been the shift in perceptions – apprenticeships are more and more being viewed as a valuable alternative to the traditional university pathway. Slowly but surely the true value of apprenticeships is being recognised.


But what does the future hold? Here are our top predictions for apprenticeships over the next few years – there’s no guarantee we’re right, but based on what we have seen we’re pretty confident…



  1. Employers will start to focus on school leavers rather than graduates

Plus, employers are now seeing the benefits apprentices can bring to their business – recruiting brilliant new talent at an earlier level and developing them within their business to be their future leaders.

Because of this shift in focus, we predict that as many as 60% of new recruits in the accounting and finance industry will be apprentices – a fantastic goal!



  1. Schools will focus on apprenticeships rather than university

The increase in university fees, combined with the increase in apprenticeship vacancies, will naturally lead to more schools signposting their leavers towards apprenticeship programmes with the same level of focus as university degrees.

This change will eventually be realised by parents too – they’ll start to see apprenticeships as a viable route to business, accountancy, finance and law careers.


  1. It’ll be the norm to apply to both University and Apprenticeships


As competition increases for apprenticeship roles, young people will apply for university as a ‘back-up’ and to keep options open, rather than their first choice. This change is already being noticed – even UCAS is incorporating apprenticeships into its services.


  1. Salaries will soar


As more employers increase their apprenticeship intakes, completion to secure the best talent will become fierce – leading to increased salaries and enhanced packages for learners.


  1. Apprenticeships are going to get smarter

The introduction of Degree Apprenticeships this year, combined with the governments focus on ‘higher quality’ programmes means we can expect the number of apprenticeship programmes available at higher levels to increase. Currently degree-level programmes are just starting and new apprenticeship Trailblazer programmes reach Level 7 – by 2020 we wouldn’t be surprised to see the introduction of PhD level apprenticeships!



To summarise, apprenticeships are only going to get bigger and better!



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