Restarting a stalled career – 5 tips on staying motivated

Feel like your career isn’t moving forward anymore? You’re not alone, in today’s competitive business environments more and more people are reaching a stage where they run out of energy to push their job, or are simply not in a position where they can develop anymore. The important thing is to recognise this has happened, and take the steps to get yourself back on track.


Focus on the future

Sit down and have a think about where you want to be in 1, 5 and 10 years’ time. Now make a plan, how are you going to get to that point. By writing this down you’re committing yourself to work at achieving your career goals, which will motivate you to start developing.


Develop your skills

Learning new or building on your existing skills can be a huge motivator in the workplace. They can highlight your strength and make you proud of your work, or even uncover new areas your talents could be used. Take advantage of your companies’ development programmes or even set yourself a skills goal.


Find your motivator

Having someone in your workplace – your boss, your colleague, even those you manager – looking out for you and encouraging you to ‘raise your game’ is a really powerful motivator, and will keep you on track.


Use your mentor

If you have a mentor, discuss your feelings with them – chances are they’ve had a similar experience and can advise how to move past your plateau. Even if you don’t have a mentor, your boss should be able to discuss how you can realize your ambitions – ask for people help and experience and see what they can offer.


Consider a change

If you’ve tried to remotivate your career but nothing working, have a think about whether this is the right position for you. Would you enjoy using your skills in another company, or even another industry? Switching jobs like this can be a risk, but can also be the push you need to refocus on your goals and start pushing yourself.

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