Meet the tutor – Lottie Roberts

Name: Lottie Roberts

BPP Location: BPP Reading

How long have you been with BPP? 11 years – eek

What did you do before you came to BPP? Worked at PwC in audit

Why did you choose a career in Accountancy?

Embarrassed to admit that it is what I wanted to do from about the age of 11. Didn’t know what it would involve but it sounded good

Why did you become a tutor?

Audit was not for me and I wanted the satisfaction of making a difference to others. I struggled with the exams when I was a student and wanted to pass on what I had learnt to get me through.

What ACCA Papers do you teach?

F2 / F3 / F6 / P6

Best thing/ what do you most enjoy about being an ACCA tutor?

Seeing those students have the moment where it all makes sense

What’s your top tip for students studying towards their ACCA exams?

Do not cram – little and often and do not simply learn the notes, you need to understand it

If you weren’t an accountancy tutor, what would be your dream job?

I would have a high class travel agent business which would mean that to learn about my product offering I would have to travel the world ‘researching’ all the lovely hotels.

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