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Name: Davinia McGann

BPP Location: Shepherds Bush, London

How long have you been with BPP? A bit over 5 years

What did you do before you came to BPP?
I trained in Practice (starting as an Auditor!) for Mazars LLP at their Brighton Office having come from Royal Holloway University where I studied Financial and Business Economics. I studied while working full time, but was lucky enough to have a training contract where my firm paid for me to go to College and take my exams. After a few years in Audit, I moved to Corporate Finance which was great, but still didn’t feel right. Having got involved in the Graduate Training Scheme at my firm, I realised I would love to do that all of the time, but couldn’t quite work out how…

Why did you choose a career in Accountancy?
I’d always liked numbers (a real cliché I know!) but wasn’t sure I wanted to be a Maths Teacher, well not straight out of University anyway. Accountancy seemed a good option, where I could get a Professional Qualification, and have a job that would enable me to work for almost any type of company anywhere in the world. So I applied for some roles, and chose a training contract with the local office of Mazars.

Why did you become a tutor?
As I mentioned, I got involved in the Graduate Training Scheme at my firm, and really enjoyed it. I had also been one of those people who loved going to college to study for my exams (despite it being very hard work) so when I realised that you could be a full time tutor, I realised that was what I wanted to do!

How did you get to be Head of ACCA Programmes?
Once I started at BPP, I realised I had found my calling! I loved every minute of being in the classroom, but was also keen to get involved in the other things we have to do – writing material and ‘evolving’ our courses – so I got involved in the development of our Online Classroom and more recently the Award Winning Online Classroom Live. I got to experience what it was like to influence how we do things, and so when the role for Head of ACCA Programmes came up, I realised I had the chance to shape a whole qualification! I’ve been in the role for over a year now, and love striving to be the best at what we do. Having a team of amazing tutors and subject experts supporting me does make my life much easier.

Do you still teach any ACCA Papers?
Yes I do. I don’t think I could ever give it up completely! I specialise in the Financial and Corporate Reporting Papers, mostly teaching P2 now. However I have taught F1, F2, F3, F7, F8 and P2 in my time!

Best thing/ what do you most enjoy about being an ACCA tutor?
The students. That moment you explain something and you see them ‘click’ is the best feeling. Or with Online Classroom Live all the interaction and chat means I really get to know the students and I know I’m helping them achieve their goals with their future career, which is amazing!

What’s your top tip for students studying towards their ACCA exams?
Practice, Practice, Practice. You really have to get as much question practice as possible in preparation for your exams, it’s all about application not knowledge! (When I was studying I didn’t quite manage first time passes in all my papers so I’m speaking from experience!) And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our tutors really are here to support you and help you succeed, so just let us know if you need help!

If you weren’t an accountancy tutor, what would be your dream job?
Ummmm, some sort of public speaker? Author? Both of which I get to do a bit of already… so maybe I’ll say Champagne Taster.

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