Making the most of your last weeks (and days) before your exam…

You feel that you’re running out of time… what should you be doing to make the most of the time you have left before your exam?

Well firstly don’t panic! Easy for us to say, but honestly there are always things you can do which will help your chances of passing.

Make sure you get full syllabus coverage with your revision – you can’t just focus on the bits you like, but use them to build your confidence between the tougher syllabus areas

Try all the different types of questions – shorter form questions or Multiple Choice type questions (if your exam has them) is a good way of checking knowledge and calculations. You can also work through a range of topics in a relatively short period of time which allows to you identify any areas of difficulty

Question practice is the best way to prepare for your exam rather than just re-reading your notes

If you don’t feel you have time to do all the questions in full, then practice by planning some of them – work out what the requirement is asking, the key points to make and any relevant calculations. You can’t do all questions like this, but this will help you to fit in more topics in

Ask for help – if you are struggling with a particular topic, make use of the resources you have available – online lectures, course notes, study text or your tutor.

Have a practice run – you don’t want the first time you sit down for the full 3 hours plus reading time to be on the day of the real exam! Have a dress rehearsal so you can think about your reading time, doing questions to time and not referring to your notes. If you’re nervous of doing this on your own, why not attend a BPP Question Day? Available in our centres across the UK or with our award winning Online Classroom Live, they can help you to be as prepared as possible before your exam.

BPP Question Days allow you to:

  • Take an exam written by our exam experts
  • Receive 1:1 feedback from our markers
  • Identify where your knowledge gaps are and how you can improve your exam technique
  • Discuss your performance with your expert tutor

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