Are you made to be an accountant?

You need more than a degree in accounting to secure yourself a position with an employer. Whilst a good degree is important, organisations are also looking for a candidate with the ideal qualities and characteristics to best suit the role. Here are the top additional qualities employers seek..


  • Assertive confidence: You must be able to recognise financial issues within a company and have the confidence in yourself to report them to senior managers.
  • Perseverance and tenacity: This is required to cope with the challenging nature of the role and, occasionally, long hours.
  • A sense of humour: Accountants interact with a diverse range of people; from clients to a variety of other departments with an organisation.  Accountants must be able to sustain good relationships with such people, and a light-hearted, good-nature approach is a perfect way to tackle this.
  • Intelligence and common sense: For accountants, this means having the ability to work with the facts and figures to achieve a goal.
  • Patience: Accountants will often find themselves waiting for information from others before they can proceed on a project. As they say, patience is a virtue!
  • Professional courtesy: This does not merely refer to the basic level of manners, but instead stresses the importance of ethical and moral conduct, acting in the best interest of one’s employer, client or institute.
  • Ambition and drive: Motivation is an essential aspect of fulfilling any professional position.
  • Reliability: Accountants are key members of any management team and being reliable is an important, not just for you but also for your colleagues. Being punctual, meeting deadlines and being consistent in the standard of your work are vital aspects of being a good accountant.


As well as these important personal attributes, employers also seek candidates with the right skills for their accountancy position. The main three are: organisation, communication and, of course, numeracy.


The best way to build, improve and, eventually, hone these skills is through practice- after all, practice makes perfect.


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  1. 27.11.2015
    Mr Kirill Korolev

    From my point of view,its suistanable change in the economy to be an accounting.Top role,for the major industries from around the wrold connected in London,UK.It my ambition to become clerk in this field of interest.Its my pleasure to having study and job later on in this capital of England.

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