Are you ready for FRS 102?

UK GAAP as we know it is changing! Any entity that is currently using UK GAAP will at some point over the next 12 months, have to transition to a new source of accounting guidance; the single standard FRS 102.

The transition to FRS 102 will be a 2 year process, with restatement of financial statement along with reconciliations and required disclosures, and runs the risk of being a very onerous on an entities resources.

BPP have developed a range of courses to assist you develop your knowledge of the topic, identify where you think the major changes will be for your own entity and enable you to start work early on this process to reduce the burden come the end of your financial year.

Our Financial Reporting courses are available online, to study at your convenience, or as public courses in venues across England. If there are 4 or more people in your business who need to be aware of the FRS 102 changes, in-house training can be a cost effective method of training teams of employees.

Online modules (click the titles to book):

Courses available on our public programme (click the course titles for dates, locations, and to book):

This case study based workshop examines the requirements of this standard and will provide practical guidance on producing your opening IFRS/FRS 102 balance sheet and restating your prior year financial statements to comply with IFRS/FRS 102.

This two day course provides an essential overview of the new UK financial reporting framework.

The course covers the main requirements of various sections of FRS 102 and provides practical examples and illustrations throughout to demonstrate key treatments and disclosures required by the new standard.

Accounting for financial instruments is potentially very different compared to current UK GAAP.

This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the reporting requirements for financial instruments under sections 11 and 12 of FRS 102 and the accounting policy choices available to the entity.

This course will update you with the main requirements of FRS 102 and the significant areas in which it differs from the current UK GAAP requirements. It provides practical examples and illustrations throughout to demonstrate the key accounting treatments under FRS 102.

As accounting profit changes taxable profit may change or adjustments will need to be made in the tax computation. FRS 102 includes a number of accounting policy and transitional choices and the tax practitioner may have a role to play in advising which option is most effective for tax. There are also significant changes in the treatment of deferred taxation arising as a result of FRS 102.

Programmes available as in-house courses:

  • First-time Adoption Workshop (FRS 102)
  • First-time Adoption Workshop (FRS 101)
  • FRS 102 – A Comprehensive Overview
  • FRS 102 – Financial Instruments
  • FRS 102 – Introduction
  • FRS 102 & Taxation
  • FRS 102 Audit implications
  • Implementing FRS 102
  • Preparing for FRS 102 – steps to take now
  • FRS 102 – UK Financial Reporting

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