Get ready to make your big career change

A career change is a huge decision to make, so to help we’ve compiled a list of what to consider before diving into your new work industry.


Sit down and write a list of all your career possibilities

Applying for every job advert you come across will be a huge drain of your time, and could leave you in a position you don’t really want.


Analyse your strengths and weaknesses to help decide on your new role

Think about what you are/aren’t good at, and then match that against different roles. It’ll help you in the application and interview process, and mean you’re better suited to your new position.


Have a think about your finances before quitting

Switching careers isn’t always straight-forward, and can mean time out of work or in education whilst you re-skill. Work out how you can afford this break – do you need some savings or are you eligible or Government funding whilst in education?


Read up on your new industry

Some of the job adverts you come across might be full of jargon or technical terms, so get ahead of the curve and understand these before submitting your application.


Article adapted from FastCompany


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