Accountancy Interviews – the Questions & Answers you need to know

Preparing for your first accounting interview? Here’s some of the questions you might face, and our suggestions of how to tackle them


Q: Why do you want to become an accountant?

A: Enthuse your interview with your passion to be an accountant by talking about your career goals, the accountancy skills you’ve learn and built upon during your studies and your passion for the industry.


Q: What was the toughest accounting task you’ve experienced?

A: This question is looking at two strands; how my accounting experience you have and how you approach difficult problems and reach a solution. Before your interview, think about and pick an example for this question – preferably a task you’ve solved, and how you’re going to clearly explain the situation, your approach and the solution to your interviewer.

Your answer becomes trickier if you haven’t had experience with tough accounting tasks yet – if you’re applying for an entry level role this may well be the case. In this instance, you can be honest – admit you don’t have this experience (yet) but explain what you would do if you did come across such a situation. For example, you could consult your more experienced colleagues or research how to solve the issue yourself.


Q: Do you know the accounting standards?

A: The truth is that it’s almost impossible to know all the accounting standards – you’re only human. However, a good accountant knows where to find this information – for example, if you don’t know the specific content of IAS 19 you should know where to find out. Saying this, it’s always a good idea to get up to date with the most recent changes in the standards – your industry knowledge demonstrates your commitment to the role.


Q: Are you a creative accountant?

A: Creative accountants are ones who go above and beyond their job – they do what they can to save their client money and add value to their company. This is everything you should be! Demonstrate to your prospective employer that you will strive to go above and beyond your job requirements, that you care about the company and will progress it in your role.


Q: Which accounting applications or software do you know how to use?

A: This can be tricky if you have no idea which software your company uses. As well as listing what you do have experience with, it’s important to stress your understanding of accounting principles and computer intelligence – this shows that even though you might not know their software, you could pick it up quickly enough.


Good Luck!


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