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ACCA Exam Tips P4 Advanced Financial Management – December 2012

As Head of ACCA Programmes here at BPP, I have asked my expert subject managers for ACCA Exam Tips for your forthcoming December 2012 exams.

Here is what Doug Haste, our ACCA P4 Advanced Financial Management Subject Manager had to say:

“Section A (50-70 marks in total) will contain two compulsory questions; each question will be allocated between 25 and 40 marks. Section A questions will integrate a number of different syllabus areas and often include a substantial discounted cash flow question, and business valuation techniques.

In section B (30-50 marks in total) you will need to choose two questions from a choice of three. Each question will be worth between 15 and 25 marks, and question 5 will be a discursive written question. Commonly tested areas include risk management, and currency risk management is due to be tested. The European debt crisis could feature as an aspect to the discussion question.”

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